Category: October 2014 Issue

Authentic Beauty


By Yigal Adato In September, my wife and I took a weekend in Portland, Ore., to see the sights and get out of town for a few days. With no agenda or planned itinerary, we were able to explore all…

The Humble Hut of Trust


By Rabbi Daniel Bortz  A traveler was once passing through a small town in Eastern Europe. Hearing of a famed Rabbi who lived there, he decided to stop in and meet him. Upon reaching the holy man’s tiny cottage, the…

To Live and Breathe as a Mexican Jew

My Comic Relief

By Salomon Maya   Yeah you didn’t read that title wrong. I’m just going to say it San Diego, I am Mexican, and I am Jewish. It is possible. So let’s back up a moment, I feel like I started…

Stephanie Wells, Double Happiness Jewelry

1000 Words

1000 Words with Stephanie Wells, Double Happiness Jewelry By Alanna Maya With clients like Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Oprah, Stephanie Wells needs no introduction in the fashion world. The San Diego-based jewelry designer and owner of Double Happiness…

When spirit and letter collide

YOM KIPPUR: Sneakers on Fast days

By Binyamin Kagedan/  The wider world of traditional Judaism is moving in fits and starts toward a renegotiation of the terms of halakhic observance. At question is the importance of social change in the understanding and application of the legal…

The power of words

Aryeh Green Speaks at Federation

By Sofie Kinnefors   In September, The Jewish Federation of San Diego County hosted Aryeh Green, journalist and Director of MediaCentral, a Jerusalem-based initiative and part of Honest Reporting, providing support services to foreign journalists based in or visiting Israel….

Biblical archaeology sees golden age in Israel, dark age in rest of Middle East

Jerusalem of Gold

By Sean Savage/   At a time when many archaeological sites and antiquities throughout the Middle East are being looted and destroyed, the City of David Foundation on Sept. 4 hosted its annual conference to enable the general public to experience…