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Alzheimer’s San Diego

By Barbara Birenbaum The largest fundraiser for Alzheimer’s San Diego, a local nonprofit organization, will be held this month. Walk4ALZ 2021 is Saturday, ...

Holocaust Survivor

By Lotti Yom HaShoah, the Holocaust Day of Remembrance, is always a very emotional time for the survivors. I am a survivor in ...

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Our Rosh Hashanah Baby

By Chanie Yelin Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, attracts the biggest crowd at our synagogue. For some reason, people we have not ...
September 2021

How we Pray

By Rabbi-Cantor Cheri Weiss There are two primary modes of Jewish prayer. The first is known as Keva, which comes from the Hebrew ...
August 2021

For the Love of Yiddish

Two dynamic young women, transplanted in America’s Finest City, are researching the Polish-Jewish Culture and teaching Yiddish here and beyond, through artistic multimedia. ...

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