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Of the Book

Mourning the Past; in the Present

Mazel & mishagoss

Forget Pokémon Go… Now There’s Pokémensch!

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Works

By Ron James Taking the first step in dealing with life’s challenges can be the hardest. Fear of failure or fear of success can feel like a stop sign. Douglas (name changed) came to me with a severe case of…

Badass Kosher

Marrow Beans and Bones… Cilantro-Chile Gremolata | Pink Pickled Onions

New Model Focuses on the ‘I’ in Israel Education

By Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman/ Earlier this year, Barry Chazan, professor emeritus of education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, penned an op-ed for the New York Jewish Week in which he discussed the 21st-century shift toward personalization and customization. “Mattresses, automobiles…

St. Augustine, Florida

America’s oldest city, and a bit of Miami Beach, too

Problem Solvers

How San Diego Teen Leadership Programs are Shaping the Next Generation of Problem Solvers

‘iTrek’ is the Future

An Israeli stat-up called iTrek is a future business leaders’ training ground