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David Sedaris


How many individuals can air their dirty laundry, family tragedies and personal foibles publicly, and win friends and support by doing so? Well, probably not many, but David Sedaris is certainly the exception tothe rule! San Diegans will be treated to his delightful wit, wisdom and biting social critique when he takes the Balboa Theater Stage on January 16, 2019.Using his own tsuris as fodder, Sedaris establishes rapport with his readers. He is, at once self-deprecating and self-righteous, and this combination earns him credibility and panache!This comedian has published ten books which have been translated into 25languages. This, in addition to his co-authoring plays with sister, Amy, have earned him the title of Master of Satire and three Grammy Award nominations.

Sedaris’ book was released inMay 2017, a collection of his diaries called Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977-2002). What I found most intriguing is that in interviews about this book, the comic/author details that he read them and found the entries in need of gussying up and so he re-wrote his history. Of course, no one has a license to rewrite history except the creator of it.

Upon researching Sedaris, I was gratified and amazed to learn that he does not leave his book signings without talking with each and every person who shows up to hear him. He greets each guest and signs his book. He actually spent over ten hours at a book signing to make certain that every individual received their individually dedicated copy!Sometimes this works out well for the purchaser… and other times … well, apparently not as they expected, depending on his perception of the purchaser.However, they get an authentic experience due to this diligent and passionate author.

Sedaris’ most recent work is ac ollection of essays entitled Calypso, published in 2018. This is a continuation of earlier diary entries and was accompanied by a companion piece, an art book,” David Sedaris Diaries: A Visual Compendium. The next book is due out in summer of 2020 and will feature later diary entries.

David Sedaris is more self-aware and self-conscious than many writers. He said, about the sharing of his diaries that some would understand and others would not, but that he would not compromise his entries “I’m always surprised by things I’d been telling myself for years had been other people’s fault, but then I would look in my diary and realize it was completely my fault! But I think that’s a really good aspect of a diary — your life is just written down and on paper, and sometimes you read it, and you’re just appalled by your judgment or by your jealousy or your pettiness. It’s OK to be reminded of it every now and then …” This spokesman for our time is not to be missed and whether or not you harmonize with his sensibilities, don’t miss this opportunity. Get tickets for his show.



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