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Rabbi Leor Sinai is the Co-CEO as well as marketing and Outreach Director of Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI). He is also the most passionate and articulate proponent of JNF that I have been privileged to meet. What is the connection between this college prep program in Israel and trees?

JNF has taken over and merged with AMHSI and, according to Sinai, this historic and strategic move is helping to ensure the viability of the State of Israel.

If you have been reading the regular monthly column in L’CHAIM, you are aware that JNF has expanded and embraces many other non-profit organizations in Israel, such as Lotem, Green Horizons and Nefesh B’Nefesh. JNF is no longer just about trees. Education is a major focus, as are water, agriculture, the environment, infrastructure and community-building. The organization has evolved and, by merging with AlexanderMuss High School in Israel, is investing in the future of the worldwide Jewish community and of Israel through education.

AMHSI, or Muss, is a unique study abroad program for high school students that is fully accredited by the Middle States Association ofColleges and Schools. Through coordination with guidance counselors, students complete their home school’s academic course work, including regular, honors and AP classes while following AMHSI’s exceptional curriculum covering more than 4,000 years ofJewish and Israeli history. The Israeli Studies Curriculum includes formal learning in the classroom and informal learning in the field. 90% of the kids who have participated in the program say that it has impacted their life toward living more Jewishly and has been a truly transformative experience.

Muss academic program choices include an 18-week SemesterSession, an 8-week Mini-mester Session and a 6-week Summer Session. Financial help is available.

Through their merger with Muss, JNF is investing in the future of the Jewish people, as they have always done. They have taken on this role to ensure that there is a future Jewish leadership worldwide. Whether young people stay in their home countries or make Aliya to Israel, they see a future in the land of Israel. What are all of JNF’s projects and Task Forces good for if there isn’t the next generation to lead?

JNF ideology is positively Israel — celebrate Israel— with emphasis on how Israel makes the world better. If you are interested in sending your student to this program, you can contact Rabbi Leor Sinai at or (516) 203-4454.


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