Stav Festival Fuses Israeli Art, Stage and Musical Performances


The Israeli Artists Project is holding the Stav Festival, named after the Hebrew word for “fall,” from Sept. 28 through Oct. 29 in New York City.

With participation from 100-plus Israeli artists, the program offers a mix of theatrical plays, live music performances, an art exhibit, children’s activities and interactive workshops.

“It is strategically timed around the Jewish holidays,” according to the project’s founder, Yoni Vendriger, “a period when New York City sees an influx of tourists and locals alike seeking cultural experiences. While the festival is deeply rooted in Israeli culture, its appeal is universal. We aim to bridge cultural gaps and invite everyone, irrespective of their background. It’s not just about appealing to those familiar with Israeli culture but also introducing and celebrating it with a broader audience.”

Among the selections, the award-winning “Best Friends” by Anat Gov—the longest-running comedy in Israel—clinched the Israel National Theater Award for Best Comedy in 1999. Not just limited to Hebrew, the play will also be presented in English.

Also on tap is the premiere of the New York version of “The Holylander,” four short stories offering a glimpse into how the Israeli “Generation Y” navigates identity and belonging, realizing that Israel remains not just a geographical location but a state of mind.

Vendriger says the artists are driven by a shared vision: “to showcase the depth, diversity and dynamism of Israeli culture. Through their performances, they hope to challenge stereotypes, foster understanding and build bridges between different communities. They aim to present Israel beyond the headlines, highlighting its rich artistic heritage and contemporary creativity.”

The full program is available at:


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