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San Diego– Can two genes control your destiny? Recently there’s been an explosion of genetic testing with 75,000 genetic tests on the market and ten new tests entering the market daily. The business of clinical genomics is forecast to grow to…


A Pleasure to Play, A Passion to Teach

 Create Your Life As A Blessing

By Deborah Vietor Are you interested in changing your beliefs, opinions and assumptions about your life to create the freedom for happiness? How about accessing joy through a system to heal your mind, body and spirit, honoring your life’s journey?…

On March of the Living

The following are reflections by two of the San Diego participants at this year’s recent March of the Living, a 2 week journey to Poland and Israel. While in Poland, participants commemorate Yom HaShaoh, and while in Israel, they celebrate…

Philippine City Inspired by Israeli Education

  Davao, the Philippines largest city, has signed an agreement with Israel Sci-Tech Schools to implement its highly effective I-STEAM education model in one of its public high schools. The pilot program is a collaboration between the City of Davao…

Cantor Sheldon Merel

Many readers may know Cantor Sheldon Merel, who served as Cantor at Congregation Beth Israel starting in 1979 and has had a continuing presence in the congregation for close to 38 years. Cantor Merel is presently a comfortable, contented resident…


A Miracle!

Of the Book

Our relationship with the Divine

Mazel & Mishagoss

Imagine Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond As a Couple!