San Diego Community Vigil for Victims of Pittsburgh’s Mass Shooting


On October 29th, the San Diego Jewish community met at Congregation Beth Israel in a massive show of solidarity for the 11 Jewish victims of the anti semitic mass shooting in Pittsburgh.

With standing room only, the mood was solemn as the name of each victim was read and a memorial candle lit.

Mayor Faulconer spoke eloquently and received a standing ovation when he said, “There is no place for hate in our great country…We are one San Diego”  The overflowing crowd then sang “Hine Ma Tov” with arms around each other.

Tammy Giles of ADL stated, “This is what the San Diego community can do in 24 hours…I am shocked and heartbroken but not surprised…this is what happens when hate is left unchecked. Quoting RFK she asked, “What kind of nation do we want to be here?”

The Imam from the Islamic Center stated beautifully that the most valuable thing in this world is human life. With authority he stated, “don’t only preach peace and justice, do peace and justice.”  To great applause, Michael Hopkins, CEO of JFS, thanked the non Jews for attending the Memorial service.

This event was organized by ADL, the main organization working to combat anti-Semitism, the memorial service included song, prayer and speakers from partner agencies.


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