Rally for Refugees


Photo by sam litvin.

The event was organized by 3 big Jewish agencies, Federation, JFS and BETH EL in order to rally together to support refugees.

The hall was packed to capacity. The speakers included Todd Gloria, Barbara Bry, Rabbi Meltzer, Michael Hopkins, Rabbi Ridberg, Rabbi Caine, Charlene Seidle, Tammy Gilles of ADL.

Quite the memorable quote by Michael Hopkins of JFS, “We didn’t resettle them because they weren’t Jewish, we helped them because we ARE Jewish.”

He also spoke of a family which waited for 8 years in a refugee camp for this chance. They were vetted for two years including biometrics. One of the children was born and grew up in the camp. 121 people will be denied entry who could have started their lives in San Diego but are delayed for 120 days and possibly indefinitely. Our hearts go out to all refugees as this is a very difficult time in their lives.


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