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Davao, the Philippines largest city, has signed an agreement with Israel Sci-Tech Schools to implement its highly effective I-STEAM education model in one of its public high schools. The pilot program is a collaboration between the City of Davao and Israel Sci-Tech Schools with the support of the Embassy of Israel in the Philippines.

Israel Sci-Tech Schools’ success in transforming underperforming schools across Israel, but particularly in poorer parts of the county, has received international acclaim. Its specialized STEM curriculum is also being used throughout Europe and schools in the United States. The Philippines is the latest country to import its educational model. Recent conversations also include partnerships with additional states in the USA as well as other countries including China.

The program, called “Excellence in Education: A Lighthouse Project,” will implement Israel Sci-Tech school’s innovative education model in a high school in Davao City which will serve as a model for the rest of the city’s high schools. The changes to the school’s curriculum will include aspects of the network’s programs in innovation, science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics as well as full upgrades to its science and technology labs.

Israel Sci-Tech Schools’ internationally renowned I-STEAM program is the network’s new curriculum that adds innovation and arts (creativity and humanities) to traditional STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education to prepare students for the jobs of the future. It includes an arts element to enhance the students’ creativity and appreciation of the importance of design. In addition, the network has added components to the model that give students an understanding of business organization, marketing and entrepreneurship.

“I-STEAM has transformed every school where it has been implemented. Our unique curriculum helps students become the leaders of tomorrow and our hope is that our partnership with Davao City will allow their students to establish themselves as future leaders in technology and innovation,” said Zvi Peleg, director-general of Israel Sci-Tech Schools. The collaboration is also being coordinated through the national Department of Education – Davao City Schools Division and the Pass It Forward Foundation.

Friends of Israel Sci-Tech Schools is a U.S.-based 501-C3 dedicated to supporting the 206 institutions and 100,000 students that represent the largest independent network of science and technology educational institutions in Israel. Today, there are more than 550,000 alumni, many of whom have gone onto become senior leaders in the military, high tech entrepreneurs, as well as some of the top engineers and scientists in Israel. For more information about the organization, visit


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