Create Your Life As A Blessing


By Deborah Vietor

Are you interested in changing your beliefs, opinions and assumptions about your life to create the freedom for happiness? How about accessing joy through a system to heal your mind, body and spirit, honoring your life’s journey?

Meet Carol Joy Goldstein, a structural consultant and inspirational speaker for over 30 years For sixteen years she taught the principles of creating through the Technologies for Creating course, which assisted hundreds of people to create the life they desired, beyond what they thought possible. She is committed to coaching people in living a life of freedom, creating amazing relationships and organizing their lives around what truly matters.

Goldstein trained with Robert Fritz, creator of Structural Consulting, a strategy preventing people from falling into the same [destructive] patterns and assisting them in redesigning their lives to create desired life experiences. Goldstein offers consulting sessions, proven to assist people in living happier lives.

In addition, she was trained in Advanced Integrative Therapy, (AIT) in 2009. Asha Clinton, Ph.D. developed Advanced Integrative Therapy, and Goldstein is currently offering consulting sessions. AIT combines and integrates trauma treatment, (housed in the body, mind and spirit,) energy psychology, depth psychology and cognitive therapy, creating a comprehensive, coherent and elegantly woven system for honoring each individual’s unique life journey.

Goldstein shared that although intellectually we know something isn’t true, our unconscious on an emotional level reacts until this can become unblocked. It is this principle that interested her in pursuing AIT as a modality to help others.

Goldstein authored an inspirational, life-changing book called, Creating Your Life as a Blessing. The book includes 41 personal stories with self-guided lessons and questions. She shared that the book is actually about faith.

“Initially I thought the book was more about control vs. freedom, but then I realized it was about deepening your faith in yourself, your intuition and G-d,” she said.

The book includes a dream of going to France and how Carol made that happen after 24 years. She speaks of how we make excuses and rationalizations for why we don’t do the things we want in life and how to make them happen.

The questions are thought-provoking, supporting people in applying lessons learned in their life. Chapters include issues regarding trust, how dead ends stop us from achieving happiness, the healing power of music and other topics.

“I’ve always learned better from stories. Stories in the book offer a new perspective of freedom of choice, developing and deepening faith in oneself and God.”

Several have given exceptional testimonials regarding Carol’s performance:

“Carol is one of those incredible, unique, gifted consultants who helps you see and shift your core, limited beliefs and assumptions so you can live a more fulfilled and balanced life. After two structural consulting sessions with Carol, a destructive pattern that kept repeating in my life shifted dramatically. I was able to create a win/win result in a very difficult situation.” — Sharon McDaniel, Workshop Facilitator

“I have known Carol for over 15 years and she has counseled and supported me through many difficulties. I find her to be always very caring and understanding. She has a great deal of knowledge about people’s psychology, and more importantly, a deep intuition about their psyche. I highly recommend her counseling sessions for deep healing, even when using other techniques.” — Melody Umstead, Social Worker


Carol Goldstein is offering a FREE 20 minute consultation for L’CHAIM readers at (858) 442-9085.


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