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Who Wants Some Positive Chutzpah?


By Deborah Vietor

Gil and Nili Peretz are the owners and founders of Positive Chutzpah International, a corporate training and consulting company. Based on their research regarding hundreds of the most successful game changing companies in Israel and around the world, they identified and coined the “Positive Chutzpah” factor and are sharing this unique mindset with audiences internationally.

Positive Chutzpah is an innovative business mindset that is important for everyone. This revolutionary thinking helped Israel to become the “Start-up Nation,” utilizing this vital mentality successfully in corporations around the globe. This mindset pairs an ambitious vision with the passion and determination to follow through. Positive Chutzpah extends beyond merely thinking outside the box. This concept provides the tools to create the audacity to change the rules of the game. Without fear of failure or criticism, positive results are exponential. Ultimately results are brought to the life of the individual, a business and the global community.

According to Gil and Nili, “Our seminars are the first training programs ever applying the positive side of chutzpah, based on research. We transformed the old, negative concept of chutzpah into a new, innovative, positive form. We share the mental habits and thinking skills of Positive Chutzpah practitioners and help participants transform their mindset.”

Gil and Nili combined experience includes over 25 years in consulting, training and coaching thousands of CEOs, entrepreneurs, C-level executives, and sales organizations, as well as R&D centers. Their expertise in peak performance, leadership and communications has elevated individuals and corporations on many levels over the years.

Their company is multi-dimensional as strategies and techniques are utilized and applied to organizations and individuals with regard to innovation, creativity and positivity. Each interaction carries something practical, with specialized application to a company’s needs.

Gil and Nili are also the founders of the Israeli Expert’s Academy, where people are trained in public speaking and learn how to deliver unforgettable, knockout presentations.

The Peretz’s co-authored Obama’s Secrets: How to Speak and Communicate with Power and a Little Magic. The work became the ultimate “communication bible.” They illustrate how President Obama’s techniques and rhetoric skills translate into one success. This was accomplished through analysis and research conducted from the 1990s until 2011, and examined the former President’s public appearances worldwide.

Gil is the author of a book called Intimate Marketing. And the Peretz’s co-authored a forthcoming book, titled Positive Chutzpah ™: A New Mindset for Success.

Gil Peretz
Gil has been a professional public business speaker for over 25 years and directed a leading management company in Israel for 24 years. He has delivered more than 3,000 keynote speeches, presentations and seminars before thousands of people from 46 countries and directed a leading management company in Israel. His client list includes Intel, Microsoft, Allergan, Merck Pharmaceuticals, PayPal, Hollandia International, Toyota, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Jewish National Fund, and the Foreign Ministry of Israel to name a few. He served in a key position in the Israeli Defense Force’s, (IDF) computer center and trained many future entrepreneurs and leaders of Israel’s high-tech industry. Years later, he became an international speaker and one of the world’s leading authorities on communication and business strategy. He was nominated for the prestigious “Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award” in Israel during 2005, part of a worldwide competition.

Nili Peretz
Nili is a former litigator, employed for over 10 years as a defense attorney in the corporate world. She is an international trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, (NLP) and a high-performance expert. She was the driving force behind Positive Chutzpah’s research project, including the research behind Obama’s Secrets. Her work includes an integration of cutting-edge neuroscience principles with mind-body experience. According to Nili: “We teach and train corporations to use [these skills] and outperform the competition. There are many ways to think creatively and utilize innovative thinking, but the problem is most people do not use it after the training and workshops. The reason: Techniques are not enough. It’s the mindset that makes the difference. As Israelis who meet so many people from different cultures, we understand what holds them, or prevents them from having the mentality to ‘do whatever it takes’ and to ‘take the risk.'” She continues: “The bottom line: After participation in our workshops, people are feeling a kind of ‘personal transformation.’ … People have a different attitude for success and that’s a competitive advantage for every corporation and organization.”

We asked Gil and Nili some questions regarding “Positive Chutzpah” and their future.

L’CHAIM Magazine: What specifically can you offer an organization pro bono prior to contracting with you and how do you support their results?
Gil Peretz: We have a pro bono “Power Positive Chutzpah Experience” for executives and board meetings. It’s a 75-minute session allowing participants to experience the benefits of our methodology. We follow by discussing how to best assist the organization applying Positive Chutzpah for their most important challenges.

Nili developed unique strategies to help rewire their thinking with new mindsets, conquering and disrupting their limited beliefs and fear of failure. The strategy assists introverts and those with social anxiety to deliver their messages with power and passion.

We can be booked together or separately for keynote speeches, company presentations, TED-like inspiring events and executive summits. We are also available to deliver public seminars, in-company seminars and Positive Chutzpah master classes.

L’CHAIM: What sets you apart from other business consulting firms with Positive Chutzpah?
GP: Imagine, what if you could buy a computer chip containing the secret mindset of the most extraordinary and successful entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world? Now, imagine being able to instantly incorporate this mindset into your own mind.

We cracked the secret mental code behind the success of the Start Up Nation and show people how to think with Positive Chutzpah. The fact that Israel became a leader in innovation is well recognized worldwide. Still, all over the world people and corporations ask one simple question: How can we do the same thing? What’s the secret behind it?

As professional trainers and Israeli natives, we developed an intensive research approach to understand the thinking skills below the culture. We did it! We developed a step-by-step system, allowing us to inspire and train people to adopt the Positive Chutzpah for their needs. You can be an American, Japanese or Brazillian and use the Israeli-based Positive Chutzpah mindset.

Thirty years ago, Israel innovated to survive. Most of the innovations were for defense and military uses. Not anymore, the spectrum of innovations is wide in many areas. Positive Chutzpah can be used in Education, Science, Health, Military, High Tech, Robotics and Biomedical to name a few.”

L’CHAIM: What is the ultimate positive result an organization or individual receives through working with your company?
GP: The more employees use Positive Chutzpah, the better. It affects the speed and impact of developing new services and products on various markets. It is leadership in action, translated to sales, market domination and profit.

The Positive Chutzpah Seminar gives your team the mindset and the tools they need to think and act differently. Most importantly, they will apply this on a daily basis.

Employees will return supercharged and determined to make real, lasting changes. This executive seminar is guaranteed to help you and your company attain extraordinary results.

We could all use a little more Positive Chutzpah!


Check out the Positive Chutzpah Website at, and reach Gil and Nili for further information regarding positive Chutzpah via email at


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