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“Thank You, San Diego. We Did It!”


Jewish National Fund-USA’s leadership have thanked San Diego’s philanthropic community for their generosity and support in enabling the organization to achieve its $1 billion fundraising goal. Powered by its partners (donors) and ambassadors (lay leaders), the fundraising achievement is fueling the philanthropy’s investments that build a strong, vibrant future for the land and people of Israel through bold initiatives and Zionist education.

“Our One Billion Dollar Roadmap for the Next Decade initiative has enabled us to positively change the entire trajectory of Israel’s Negev and Galilee,” said Jewish National Fund-USA National President, Dr. Sol Lizerbram. “Behind every dollar raised is a life changed, a child given hope, and an entire community uplifted through high quality-of-life opportunities that allow them to thrive.”

Driven by a 122-year-old mission, Jewish National Fund-USA connects San Diego’s next generation to Israel, creates infrastructure and programs that support ecology, people with disabilities, Research & Development, and heritage site preservation while operating a fully accredited study abroad experience at its Alexander Muss High School in Israel.

Jewish National Fund-USA San Diego President, Jacqui Schneider, added, “Our goals are bold and our vision is clear. Through the construction of fortified schools, medical centers, parks, playgrounds, and R&D centers, we are attracting a new generation of pioneers to Israel’s frontier regions in the Negev and Galilee. And we do all this while supporting over 60,000 Israelis with disabilities in addition to creating resilience centers and therapy facilities for Israeli communities dealing with the stresses of living in the Gaza Envelope.”

Driven by the momentum of its latest fundraising achievement, thousands of philanthropists in San Diego and across the U.S. plan to attend the organization’s Global Conference for Israel (November 30 – December 3) in Denver, Co. where they will celebrate the organization’s achievements, meet with the Israelis they support, while learning about the philanthropy’s next big campaign to be unveiled during the historic extravaganza. Register today at jnf.org/global.



Michelle Danner 

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