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A Powerful Program in Premier Martial Arts


By Barbara Birenbaum

While the pandemic has been a challenging time for us all, there are some among us who have taken advantage of the opportunity to flip the script and grow something new. Morris Lifschutz is one of those individuals. He was born in Vanouver after his grandparents immigrated to Canada following World War II. Lifschutz took special interest in his grandfather’s story surviving the Holocaust, As a teen, he interviewed his grandfather about his concentration camp experiences, admiring his courage as well as the entrepreneurial spirit whereby he taught himself the trade of watch making. In the brief conversation we had, I could tell how Lifschutz’s grandfather’s spirit lives in him.

His parents moved their family to Southern California in 1987 where Lifschutz became bar mitzvah. Graduating from USC and earning a MBA from UCI, he and his wife started their family of five in Los Angeles. After moving to San Diego early in 2020 and working through the isolation of the pandemic, their priorities changed. They joined Temple Adat Shalom in Poway so their children will have the opportunity for a Jewish education and he found footing as an entrepreneur, investing in the franchise that is Primere Martial Arts, a property of Unleashed Brands which specializes in kids brands and products with Learn, Play and Grow as the pillars.

Building character is a primary factor at the new Premier Martial Arts studios with Lifschutz Lifschutz at the helm. Opening in Rancho Bernardo in June, Encinitas in August, and coming soon to Escondido and Carmel Valley, folks of all ages can join to build self-image, confidence, respect, courage, responsibility, kindness, self-discipline, honesty, anger management, teamwork, positive attitude and potential along with strengthening muscles and self-defense skills. These values are discussed during mat chats and including homework assignments, engaging the whole family in the process is his goal.

His own experience learning martial arts as a child is proof of the powerful model he hopes to create with his students. Especially considering the stress of the modern age and the growing challenge of childhood obesity, it’s so important for families to find options that will build up kids’ confidence and motivation to get in shape and also positively shape their attitudes. His studios offer a blended style combining karate, taekwando, and krav maga.

As described on their website, “Premier Martial Arts San Diego is a local, family-owned business. We specialize in character development and life skills for children and fitness including self-protection for adults. Our adult program takes a modern approach to real-life self-defense. Whether you are a college student looking to stay safe on campus, or the head of a household wanting to protect your family, at Premier Martial Arts our program will provide fitness and self-protection for the modern world.”

Lifschutz’s vision includes tournaments among the franchise network fostering healthy competition which increases motivation and adds an element of fun. He hopes students will be more than just comfortable at the studio, it should be the ‘happiest time of their day”. With a child on the spectrum, he also plans to work toward gaining additional training and certification so that his studios will become a certified center for autism, building an inclusive environment in which non-neurotypical children will thrive.

Birthday cake cut with a Samurai sword? Black Belt for a Day? Besides classes, the studio offers unique experiences for birthday parties and social events. For more information, see premiermartialarts.com/ranchobernardo/ or reach out by phone (619) 764-6156 or by email at morris@pmaranchobernardo.com.


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