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Pandemic or Not, Shabbat San Diego Moves Forward


On November 6 and 7, two million Jews in more than 1,500 cities in 101 countries will be “Keeping it Together” in a collection of languages, customs and styles of observance. We will just be doing it virtually, through Zoom, Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Instagram.

This year, Shabbat San Diego might look different, but the event is still the same. An independent, grassroots level, community-wide, inclusive and egalitarian organization of volunteers have dedicated their time to encourage the entire San Diego Jewish community to participate in a unique, international Jewish identity event that inspires all Jews to experience Shabbat together. Jews from all walks of life, from across the spectrum of religious affiliation, young and old, from all corners of the world come together to experience the magic of one complete Shabbat kept together. It’s our opportunity to renew family and community life, restore Jewish identity, and unite Jews globally. It’s about renewing and recharging our Jewish future together.

Shabbat San Diego, powered by the Lawrence Family JCC’s Jacobs Family Campus and the Global Shabbos Project have asked the Shabbat San Diego community to adhere — with total commitment — to the health and safety protocols established and celebrate a Shabbat of kindness, a Shabbat of prayer and a Shabbat of connection to the Divine, tapping into the transformative power of Shabbat.

Ways to participate include:

  1. Call or message each other with words of support before Shabbat.

In our quest to protect each other, we find ourselves physically cut off from one another. So many of us are completely alone. Call or message someone you know who is alone or struggling, wish them Shabbat Shalom and offer them words of support and encouragement.

  1. Pray for each other just before candle-lighting.

As the devastation of COVID-19 sweeps across the world, so many people need our prayers. Let us pray together — for each other and all humankind.

  1. Keep this Shabbat together.

Let us bring this Shabbat into our homes together and harness its immeasurable invigorating power. Let us connect to light and love and the beauty of Shabbat for a precious 25 hours.

As we San Diegans connect through common actions with others from Katmandu to Cape Town, San Salvador to Singapore, Melbourne to Myrtle Beach, Prague to Panama City, Ukraine to Zurich, Toronto to Tel Aviv, Baltimore to Bogota and Mexico City to Moscow — in building global identity with pride and solidarity — we will feel closer than ever to our heritage and each other.

Shabbat San Diego 2020 Schedule (all events will be held virtually)

Thursday November 5
Virtual Challah Bakes

Demonstrations on how to make Challah Dough throughout the day on social media

One community wide Challah Brading Demonstration early evening on Facebook or Zoom

Friday November 6
Shabbat Services

Shabbat Home Dinners with special host gifts

Saturday November 7
Morning: Shabbat Services followed by Home Lunches

Evening: Havdalah UNITY Celebration Extravaganza

Sunday November 8
Day of Learning — TAPESTRY/Partners in Torah

For more information and to sign up for any of Shabbat San Diego’s activities, go to


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