Manischewitz Unveils Bold New Packaging and Products


Manischewitz, a leading kosher brand in the United States for more than 130 years, announces a major rebranding with a bold fresh look and feel across the product line and new products in time for the 2024 Passover season, which begins at sundown on April 22 and culminates after nightfall on April 30. The updated look was initiated with the continued goal of bringing family and friends together while reaching a broader demographic, including younger and growing families.

Manischewitz will display the rebranded graphics and colors across all products, and it will be promoted heavily on the Manischewitz website, through in-store displays and on social media. All elements launch at the end of March and run through April to precede and support the Passover season.

There will also be Manischewitz merchandise featuring “Yiddishisms,” like “Manischewitz, soup with chutzpah,” “Bubby knows best but we are a close second,” and “I’m cooking my tuchus off.”

The new products set to debut at Passover and beyond will reflect this new ethos, supporting the brand’s commitment to its core values while inviting a broader audience to explore the cultural richness of Jewish cuisine. Manischewitz is set to make the kosher aisle a destination for everyone, regardless of their background or dietary practices. Manischewitz products are more than just food items; they are invitations to experience and participate in Jewish culture.

Those products include first-ever frozen products such. as Manischewitz gluten-free and kosher-for-Passover frozen knishes, frozen gluten-free matzo balls, and grapeseed oil in bottles and spray cans. It will also include new branding on traditional Manischewitz-brand products such as matzah, matzah meal, gefilte fish, matzah-ball soup, matzah-ball mix, matzah farfel, mandlen (aka soup nuts), chocolate-covered matzos, macaroons, mezonos cookies, chicken broth, cake mixes and more.

The fresh look is a result of interviews with consumers and experts who, through on-site visits to Manischewitz headquarters, delved into the historical roots of the company. This exploration highlighted the profound connection between Jewish culture, cuisine and the importance of family and food while also addressing the societal challenge of defining Jewish food in a contemporary context.

“Manischewitz is well-known among our loyal consumers who buy the brand day in, day out,” said Shani Seidman, chief marketing officer of Kayco, the parent company for Manischewitz. “To update the cultural relevancy with a younger Jewish audience as well as mainstream, culturally curious audience, we have refreshed our brand with an exciting new look and feel on our current and new product offerings.”

With a legacy deeply rooted in Jewish tradition, Manischewitz is embarking on a journey to transcend the kosher aisle, inviting everyone to “Savor Our Tradition” and explore the culinary depths of Jewish heritage.

“Manischewitz is not just about food; it is about stories, heritage, and a sense of belonging. Through this rebranding, we aim to capture the hearts of the culturally curious and kosher-keeping alike, offering a taste of Jewish tradition that is accessible to all,” added Seidman. “Inspired by the inclusivity seen in brands with other cuisines, Manischewitz seeks to become the emblematic gateway to Jewish culture, one delicious product at a time.”

Learn more at: www.manischewitz.com.


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