March 2017

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By Salomon Maya


Remember this quote, I will get back to it later:

“In a short time, a large number of Jews are going to be slaughtered. Their heads are going to be blown off …”

In the first two months of this year a total of 68 threatening incidents involving Jewish Centers had been catalogued by the JCCA (collection of JCC organizations). Incidents ranged from hateful calls to Chabad Centers to bomb threats and vandalism at Jewish cemeteries in St. Louis and Philadelphia. On February 27, 2017, hate hit close to home as the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center in La Jolla received its third bomb threat of this year, prompting its immediate evacuation. No actual bombs have been found … yet.

The above statements are all facts. Here’s how I see it.

It’s about the power of inclusion. Of knowing that hey I’m not the only one who hates Jews. Wow, there are others just like me. Nothing is more frightening than a person filled with hate, fueled by desperation to be accepted, seeing a concrete finish line at the end of the road, and that finish line are decapitated and slaughtered Jews laying in a bloodbath.

Morbid? No. It’s reality. Here is the entire quote from before:

“It’s a C-4 bomb with a lot of shrapnel, surrounded by a bag (inaudible). In a short time, a large number of Jews are going to be slaughtered. Their heads are going to [sic] blown off from the shrapnel. There’s a lot of shrapnel. There’s going to be a bloodbath that’s going to take place in a short time. I think I told you enough. I must go.”

On January 18, 2017, a person using voice-disguising technology called the Jewish Community Center in Wilmington, Delaware. That is what he/she actually said and this was just one of the many calls Jewish Centers have received this year.

Is this just another call? Just another lunatic yearning for attention? Possibly. But he/she should have your attention. They definitely have mine. As of today, the FBI is investigating the threats to Jewish Centers nationwide as well as the desecration of Jewish tombstones in those two cemeteries. As of today, there have been zero arrests. The President of the United States has publicly denounced acts of anti-Semitism, but some within the Jewish community have called on him to do more.

Again, this isn’t political. This isn’t a left leaning member of the elitist media who will do and say anything to stagnate our Commander-in-Chief. This is a concerned dad and a worried member of your community. Frankly, this is a pissed off Jew.

Let’s get involved. Let’s make our voices heard. Let’s remind everyone who we are as a community, as a people, as Jews. Call your congressman. Email your Senator. Write something on your Facebook wall. Tweet a celebrity or possibly even a President (as that is his favorite way to communicate, obviously). Don’t stay quiet. The only way to drown out the vitriol of hate, is to make a bunch of noise.



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