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Life balance is a very important topic for people, and to be honest its scares me with a baby on the way. I want to make sure that as a father my family knows how important they are to me, that I am able to take care of my health, and that I have fun. Balancing between job and family, fun and work, and even social and spiritual can be a daunting task and the truth is you are the only person who will be able to create a life you want and a life with more balance. Here are five quick tips to help you achieve that more balance.


  1. Leave work at work

Whether you own your business or work a 9-5, remember not to bring work back to your home life. So many times, I see people coming from work and continuing to stress about what happened there for hours later. If it’s important, write a to-do list to conquer the next morning.


  1. Take time off

I am not telling you to be Shomer Shabbat, but rather to try putting your phone on silent mode while you are with your family or at your kids baseball game. How many times do we go to dinner with our loved ones and we sit there texting or making sure that we didn’t get a call as the phantom vibration tricks us once again? Be totally present and enjoy the moment. You only have a certain amount of these moments, so enjoy each one to the fullest.


  1. Don’t over-book yourself

Spreading yourself too thin will cause you to not have enough time for yourself and most importantly to not spend time with loved ones. We all want to help others and it’s a beautiful thing to give of your time, but it is better to do a couple of things well than many things poorly. Spreading yourself thin causes you to let others down and to impose even more stress on yourself.


  1. Take care of your health

When I mention health, I mean both your physical and mental health. Balance isn’t just about work and fun but it’s about mind, body and spirit. You must keep your body healthy by exercising, your mind healthy by relaxing or meditation and your spirit healthy by believing that life is handing you things for a reason. We all have stress and situations that cause us unrest but know that this too shall pass and with a clear mind and a healthy body making choices and changes are much easier.


  1. Schedule fun

As kids all we cared about was having fun and then we grew up to have responsibilities and forgot about fun. Having fun is crucial and is different for everyone. It can be time with friends, watching a movie, going hiking, or many other things but make sure to make some time to have fun. Schedule fun if you have a busy calendar so that you don’t miss the opportunity to laugh and smile.


Life balance is a goal you must create for yourself just like the car or house you want to be able to buy. The only difference is that the material things give happiness in a moment and true life balance radiates happiness from within, for a longer period of time. Remember: True success isn’t what car you drive or what watch you wear but rather how many times you can laugh and smile.


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