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fashionLife can take the luster away from us. It’s easy to get covered with layers of inertia (I´ve been wearing my hair in a ponytail for three years, and my toddler loves it), or even worse, with cynicism (Well, it´s inner beauty that counts, isn´t it?). It´s not just that some of us, in the midst of motherhood and work, let our looks, health and well-being take the backseat in life. It´s as if throughout the year we let all the frustrations, the busyness and the rush, blur our spirit and our will to do things differently, or just to try.

But then comes December, and we remember: Chanukah, the simcha of lights! And why shouldn´t you shine? We´ve “done” our spiritual New Year in September, let this secular New Year be an excuse to renew the façade! Go to the mall, try on the reds and pinks that inhabit the shop windows this season. Take a chance on new lipstick, explore a never-before fashion trend. It sounds shallow, it sounds trite. But a hairstyle can really change your life. So go ahead, shake of the cobwebs, renew, and recharge: Shine bright! Here are some trends and tips from our L´Chaim beauty experts, for you to try:


Hair: Embrace Your Curls

By Sharon Rapoport

Davida Lampkin Tydings, cosmetologist and make-up artist to the stars, has an empowering message for women: Embrace your God-given looks! Learn to work with them, enhance them, make them your best feature. In other words: love yourself!

Kosher Kurls products are well known because of their clever name and hilarious instruction labels. But their benefits go far beyond the novelty factor. The products are sulfate and chazerai free: They define curls, fight frizz and nurture hair.

“I like my Latkes crispy, but I like my hair soft!  Kosher Kurls is soft to the touch while still doing its job,” Davida says.

“And besides, there are already enough pollutants in the air. You don’t need anymore dreck in your hair!”

Davida´s perfect hair care and styling technique for curly haired women, using the  Kosher Kurls Trifecta: First, wash your hair with Kosher Kurls sulfate free shampoo. Then use Kosher Kurls deep everyday conditioner. Rinse those out and then towel dry, keeping hair still damp. Put in a bisel (small amount) of Kosher Kurls leave-in schmear (hair conditioner). Wait for it to dry. Then turn your head over and shake-shake-shake and fluff-fluff-fluff! Voila! A perfect head of Kurls.

What makes Kosher Kurls, well, kosher? Davida has said that the statement is not to be taken literally, as good humor is part of her success: “Kosher Kurls will work better in your hair then in your stomach,” she explains. “Kosher means clean and our products are proudly made in the USA for the last 34 years

More tips from Davida: You should not wash your hair every day, so the days that you don’t wash your hair, take a spritzer and fill it with water and some Kosher Kurls. Shake it up and then spritz your hair and it will reactivate the product, making your hair look Kurlicious again!

You don’t have to be Jewish to love Kosher Kurls. Kosher Kurls is suitable for men, women, children, schetils, peyot, anybody and everybody; even your loving pets. Even people without curls.

About the transformative power of beauty, Davida says: “When you look good you feel good! No doubt about it. When you love yourself and love your look, everyone will love you too! That’s why us Kurlfriends love each other! It can be fun to make yourself look as Kurlicious as possible!“


Davida Lampkin Tydings has been a licensed cosmetologist and electrolysis in California and New York for 30 years and a makeup artist to the stars.

Contact her at (323) 581-7300 or


Fashion: The Oversized Trend

By Sharon Rapoport

The term oversized does not refer to a specific piece of clothing, but to the size and width of the clothing, so it can apply to blouses, pants, maxi bags, bold sweaters and accessories. This look makes it seem like you´ve selected clothing items two sizes too big.

If, like all San Diegans, you´ve been waiting for a chance to wear sweaters and coats after what seemed like an eternal summer, this is your chance to go big and comfy. Extra long coats that almost graze the floor and long, enveloping print sweaters are all the rage. And no, these are not just for tall women. Remember the inertia we were talking about? Go ahead and put on some high heels!

Using loose clothes does not mean ditching femininity or hiding the figure. The trick is balance: a loose blouse with cigarette pants or a more fitted skirt; boyfriend jeans with a form fitting blouse. Trust us, try it! You’ll be happy you did.


Healthy Skin: Get Your Glow On!

By Nikki Salvo

The new year is all about beginnings, renewal, resolutions. Lofty ambitions, like, I am going to work out more, or I am going to save money, may seem daunting when January first rolls around, but there are a few simple things a girl can do to get her glow on, little or no commitment required.

Great skin is the ultimate foundation for looking and feeling beautiful. Investing in a sonic cleansing brush can transform skin in as little as 60 seconds a day. Texture will be renewed, and topical products can sink in better after a deep cleansing with a brush along with a skin type-appropriate cleanser. Clinique and Clarisonic both make fantastic models.



Too many hours at the beach this summer? A few too many cocktails over the holiday season? Sun exposure, lack of sleep, stress, and alcohol consumption can all take a toll on skin, causing it to appear dull and in some cases, hyperpigmentation (or brown spots) can develop. One way to get that inner light to shine through is to exfoliate. There are many different ways to basically slough off the dead skin hanging around on the surface, from using a basic daily toner to a full-on peel.

A gentle scrub is an easy product most people can use in the shower each morning. The gritty texture feels refreshing as it polishes away those dead skin cells, and right away skin feels smoother. After cleansing, toners are effective at sweeping away any remaining dulling flakes.



Step up the routine with a serum. Serums are powerhouses whose ingredients are concentrated to give a burst of benefits, and their results are usually seen within the first few weeks of use. Chock-full of proven anti-agers like peptides, retinol, and antioxidants like vitamins A and C, serums are the easiest way to get your skin on the fast track to a healthy glow. Most serums offer specific benefits, so look for a product with these ingredients, that use buzzwords like “brightening” or “radiance” in the name or on packaging. For a seriously luxe experience, Estee Lauder’s Ultimate Diamond Sculpting/Refinishing Dual Infusion, containing rare Black Diamond Truffle, promises a more refined and luminous look. For best results, use serums morning and night for a minimum of three months.



Beyond these daily treatments are at-home peels, which can jump-start the glow-getting process and boost the benefits of what you’re already using. Usually containing potent ingredients like glycolic acid, peels are most often packaged in individual mask-like sheets designed to leave on the skin for about 10 minutes, or saturated pads to swipe across the cheeks, forehead and chin for maximum results in minimal time. Try Philosophy The Microdelivery, a vitamin C peptide peel, or Bliss That’s Incredi-peel. Use caution with sensitive skins, and use just once a week to avoid any irritation.


Eye Creams

Don’t forget the eye area! Rollerballs are a girl’s best friend during the holidays and beyond, as they employ a cooling metal ball applicator to provide a lymphatic drainage effect, massaging away excess fluid around the eyes. Puffiness will quickly subside with the help of caffeine in Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff eye roller. If desired, layer a brightening eye cream on top, once the serum from the rollerball has penetrated.


Party Time: Festive Makeup

By Nikki Salvo

Shine on with a fun, festive makeup look. A berry lip is a must-have this season, from Clinique’s sheer, raisin-y Almost Lipstick in Black Honey to Nars Audacious Lipstick in Liv, a deep, dark eggplant. A shimmery, neutral eye is the perfect compliment to the drama of the lip color. Strategic highlighting with YSL’s secret weapon, Touche Eclat, instantly hides dark circles and shadows and makes anyone look wide awake.

If eyes are the focus, go smoky in an unexpected color like green-gold. Call it khaki or olive, just don’t call it boring: apply Laura Mercier eye shadow in Sherazade, and layer a bit of the line’s baked eye shadow in Black Karat on top for extra glimmer. Add a slick of black liner, lots of mascara, and voila…sparkly party eyes! Pair with a nude lip for balance.

Nails are (still) having a moment. An easy way to be on-trend is to do a solid color with one accent nail in a second color on each hand. Plums with hints of gold, wines and charcoals all look elegant and modern. To amp up the glam, try this easy ombre technique: apply a first shade, creamy or metallic, in the color of your choice. Then take a second, glittery polish and brush it down to cover the top one-third of the nail vertically in three or four imperfect sweeps of varying lengths. Bonus: the glitter coat on the tips will help resist chipping! Check out Deborah Lippmann for the best variety of glitter polishes in all colors.

If you keep one resolution this year, make it the one where you pamper yourself, take care of your skin and wear sunscreen. People will be asking where you got that glow.


Nikki Salvo is a makeup artist and skincare specialist with Clinique at Bloomingdale’s in San Diego. She has done makeup for happy brides on their wedding day, giddy high schoolers for prom, and women of all ages for day to night looks. She can be reached for an individual consultation at



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