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Over the last 20 years, Lacey Haegen has worked as a Skin Care Expert, Makeup Artist, Counter Manager, Department Manager, and Merchandiser for some of the biggest names in the industry. In that time, she has become an expert in cosmetics and skincare, having worked directly with cosmetics lines such as Chanel, Borghese, Prescriptives, Mac, Estee Lauder, Clinque Origins, Dior, YSL, Sisley, Ivo Pitanguy, Darphan, Shu Uemura, Bobbi Brown, Kate Somerville, Amore Pacific, Lancome, La Mer, Laura Mercier, and Natura Bisse, among others.

Last year, she decided to pursue her own business as an Independent makeup artist full-time. What she found when she went out on her own was that a lot of people had misconceptions about how to take care of their skin, how to wear makeup and how to feel confident while doing so. And, like any smart young woman, she decided to do something about that. Her line of skincare products, BEAUTE NOUVEAU, is a truly natural, artisan skin care line, hand-crafted in her own atelier. Made from the finest botanical ingredients, including plants, seeds and flowers; and completely free of unpronounceable ingredients and petro-chemicals, BEAUTE NOUVEAU will awaken your skin and keep it soft, youthful, and radiant for years to come.

Additionally, Haegen realized that makeup helps some women feel their best. At her studio in South Park, she offers a variety of makeup application services and the BEAUTE NOUVEAU experience, a one-hour indulgent pampering session that showcases the best of BEAUTE NOUVEAU (complimentary, with qualifying purchase). Here, we speak with Lacey about what brought her to create her own skincare line, her philosophy behind makeup and why people everywhere should pay attention to the ingredients in their products.


LCHAIM MAGAZINE: Why start your own skincare line?

LACEY HAEGEN: I have always had a huge sense of social responsibility and I think that we all deserve access to a truly natural skin care line that is not a figment of the marketing genius’ imaginations. I felt we all deserved something much better and healthier than what is being marketed to us. I also feel that we are the ones who should decide what “beauty” looks and feels like; it shouldn’t be crammed down our throats by magazine ads. I also believe in small business and women supporting women I believe in quality of life and that life is way bigger than lipstick and face cream and people are more important than products. I am passionate about Beaute Nouveau, challenging women to critically think about what we have been taught to believe about skin care and beauty, creating long-lasting relationships, and starting a very strong, grassroots new beauty movement. Each one of my products is created for real women and I respect each and every one of my clients immensely. I wanted to create a line of skin care that truly care for the clients first, before profit.


LCHAIM: What is the BEAUTE NOUVEAU Experience?

LH: The Beaute Nouveau Beauty Experience is a product demonstration It is not a paid service in the traditional sense. It is called an “experience” rather than a “facial,” because its purpose is to customize the perfect skin care regimen for my clients, not book and sell a service. The best way to select the perfect regimen for my clients is to touch and feel their skin and work with them on a one on one basis. When my clients experience the products first-hand they are much more confident in their purchases. This is a 1-hour experience that showcases every single one of the facial products (and 2 body products) in a set sequence with a set technique and creates a luxurious, pampered buying experience for clients The Beaute Nouveau Beauty Experience is a complimentary gift with a $100 purchase, and clients leave with glowing, nourished skin.


LCHAIM: Tell me about some of the products in your line and what they do.

LH: I like to start with the cleansing oil, which removes makeup and debris from the day. It is not enough to just “wash your face” at night anymore. With all of the dead skin that accumulates during the day, the makeup and sunscreen we put on, and the dirt, grime, pollution, toxins, and free-radicals that stick to our skin throughout the day, it is essential to first loosen dead skin, remove makeup & the “gunk” of the day with a cleansing oil. My cleansing oil is also really clean (free of chemical ingredients), and is made of only liquefied coconut oil, camellia seed oil, rice bran oil, willow bark extract and green tea extract. The next step is washing your face, preferably with a gentle, detergent-free cleanser, and I make two types, based on customer preference.

One of the products that I started my line with, and that I still really love today (it also makes a great gift!) is the Crème Rinse. Think of this as the moisturizer that you put on in the shower that will leave your skin feeling super soft all day. You use it right before getting out of the shower; the decadent whipped cream melts into warm skin like butter on a hot pancake and the hot running water rinses away just enough of the excess oil to leave your skin velvety soft. I’ve added new scents to the body line, too, so people can enjoy Lavender Creme, Mint Creme, Orange Crème, and Tres Leches scents as often as they like.


LCHAIM: That sounds amazing! Where can I find it?

LH: Right now, I am selling my products online and in a few smaller retail locations throughout San Diego. The best place to come and see BEAUTE NOUVEAU is at my studio in South Park, at 2225 30th Street, inside the Burlingame Garage, and next door to Salon on 30th. My website is always open, and clients that want to try the BEAUTE NOUVEAU experience can email me at to set up an appointment.


LCHAIM: Finally, what are some tips you can give us about skincare in general?

LH: Well, there is a lot to know, but it doesn’t have to be difficult to take care of your skin, and it shouldn’t be! Skin is thirsty and it must be watered, so hydration is really important. Drink a lot of water, and use a moisturizer twice a day. If you aren’t good about remembering to drink water, my Flower Water quenches thirsty cells, delivers trace flower essences and essential trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake in one spritz.

Masks are also a great way to give your skin what it needs in one powerful dose. Skin is like a sponge and it soaks up toxins everywhere it goes, so a deep cleaning mask that exfoliates is a key ingredient in your repertoire, as is a replenishing treatment. Of course, BEAUTE NOUVEAU makes both options for a quick fix or as a spa treatment at home. Most of all, beauty product don’t create “beauty.” True beauty comes from within, and caring for your precious skin is simply part of overall health care; the added benefit should be capturing more compliments.


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