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The San Diego Opera’s Musical Mosaics, the Company’s 2021 midsummer gala, will enchant guests in a beautiful garden setting and celebrate the charitable contributions to the community by Stacy Kellner Rosenberg while featuring a private performance by opera star Michelle Bradley who dazzled audiences in her Company debut as Aida in 2019.

Musical Mosaics will be held on Saturday, June 26, 2021, in the gardens of the Estancia Hotel in La Jolla. Chaired by longtime SDO Board Member and current Chair of the Board, Sarah B. Marsh-Rebelo, the evening will use the beautiful outdoor gardens of the Estancia Hotel to safely gather guests.

“For many of us it will be our first outing in over a year,” Marsh-Rebelo said. “And what a night it will be as we celebrate our beloved San Diego Opera and honor our longtime Board Member and Finance Chairwoman, Stacy Kellner Rosenberg. Stacy always brings to the table a smorgasbord of ideas and solutions, and has remained a loyal and generous friend to San Diego Opera for many years. It will be a Musical, Magical and Memorable evening filled with joy. Please join us as we celebrate Stacy and our wonderful San Diego Opera.”

Kellner Rosenberg grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Her love of music and opera came from her father who filled the house with classical piano music and taught her how to listen for the stories and the moods in the music she heard. Stacy holds an MBA with distinction from SUNY Binghamton and is an honors graduate of Harvard Law School. Her legal career focused on complex civil litigation, serving as a member of the legal team that represented the Estate of Lea Bondi in United States v. Portrait of Wally, the first Holocaust art restitution case litigated in the U.S. courts. Stacy shifted from the courtroom to the not-for-profit arena, becoming Executive Director of Friends of Karen, a New York based not-for-profit providing support to families with critically ill children. In 2008, Kellner-Rosenberg moved to San Diego and joined the Board of Directors of San Diego Opera, the first not-for-profit she aligned with in her new city.

In 2014, after the Board of Directors voted to dissolve the San Diego Opera, a small group of directors found a way to undo the action and the San Diego community rose to the challenge of saving the Company. This extraordinary effort, led by Carol Lazier and others, united donors, opera-lovers from around the world, employees, union workers, and civic-minded San Diegans as they worked to keep the doors open. There was an enormous sacrifice of time, money and wages but seven years later, the story of the rescue is legend.

I am so proud to have been a part of the effort to save San Diego Opera, and why I continue to be associated with the Company,” she said.

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