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Mensches of San Diego features everyday portrayals of Jewish Life in San Diego. We hit the streets and explore what our community is really about and the people who actually live here. L'Chaim Magazine wants you to get to know YOUR community. Not only will we bring you some great Mensches, but we want to hear from you, too. Send us someone you know that you'd like to see us highlight in our magazine or add to our collection of the Tribe in San Diego. 

HOW TO SUBMIT: Add the Name of the Mensche in the "Title" box below. And, a few questions to answer in the "Post content" area when writing the profile is: What is their profession? Their age? Why they are in San Diego? What are their goals? Any affiliation, and why? Something that many don't know about them. You can always add more, but these are a good base for an interesting profile and well on your way for your nominee to be chosen. Please keep your submission to 125-150 words long. Thank you!

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By clicking "submit", you give L'Chaim Magazine permission to publish photos and text in digital and print form. L'Chaim also has a right to edit content to fit within the parameters of our design. Thank you for your submission.


Help us further our reach in the community. We are banding together generations, languages, affiliations and we need your help. No matter how small or large, every donation helps us further our message.

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