Yoga with Dina Aires


By Barbara Birenbaum
One week into the shutdown, I learned about a yoga teacher who was offering yoga on zoom to help people de-stress, find calmness and express gratitude.

Dina Aires guides us masterfully through the poses or asanas. With 20 years of teaching experience, she shares a commanding knowledge of the mind-body-spirit pathways and she encourages all the ways yoga fosters serenity and inner strength. Breathing deeply relaxes our minds and bodies. The poses help us find our stable place. In this challenging time, she says, “Bring your prayer into your heart space.” We need to relearn how to find solid ground and it provides an overall sense of well-being, security and safety in our upside-down world.

“Now that we have lost our regular routines, we feel a little lost in our day’s agenda. Yoga can offer a focus for the day,” Aires said. “Take an hour to rethink your life, your purpose, your relationships. It is the simplicity of just focusing on breathing and being present.”

We are all treading on new ground now and as we “root down to rise up” with Aires, we get connected with the earth, ourselves, our community and the rest of the world.

Aires has created an international yoga community, with followers from New Zealand to Israel to San Diego. With her husband and son on the production team, her computer at the other end of her room and soothing music flowing from her iPhone, and her dog wandering through occasionally, Dina Aires’ yoga sessions are a silver lining amid this storm.

To learn more about Yoda with Din Aires, visit www.yogatherapeuticsdina.com.



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