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Write Out Loud: Educational Programming For All Grades


WRITE OUT LOUD, committed to inspire, challenge and entertain by reading literature aloud for a live audience, has a thriving education program serving thousands of students each year. Working with educators and young people across the county, Write Out Loud provides FREE opportunities for students to find their own voice through the arts while building confidence, empathy and communication skills.

READ IMAGINE CREATE has been inspiring area teens to READ and CREATE a personal expression of select literature since 2011. Each year, Middle and High School Students READ a specifically chosen book, RE-IMAGINE the images, themes, etc. and CREATE a project in a medium important to them (visual, literary, media, performance art). Workshops and study guides are provided. Student entries are adjudicated, presented to the public each Spring in branch libraries, and cash prizes are awarded.

POETRY OUT LOUD is a National Poetry Recitation initiative for High School students to memorize, interpret, and recite poems for competition. Participation begins in schools, classrooms, libraries, youth organizations or for individual students before advancing to the San Diego Regional Competition. The Regional winner advances to the State Finals in Sacramento and the state winner competes in Washington D.C.

Poetry for all students grades K–12 is promoted through LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. Poetry workshops are designed to inspire a love of poetry and to help students explore multiple poetic forms and elements through their own lived experience. Student poetry is published in a digital magazine and displayed in libraries and businesses throughout the county.

Write Out Loud educational performances include: KAMISHIBAI (STORYBOX) bringing international folk tales and other stories to life for toddlers to teens and beyond. In this Japanese storytelling tradition, a storyteller reveals a series of illustrations as the narrative unfolds in classrooms and libraries across San Diego. Stories rely on lively dialogue and highly dramatic situations that engage youngsters both emotionally and intellectually; and, RIPPLES FROM WALDEN POND. This one-man play, a dramatic distillation of Henry David Thoreau’s life, writings, and philosophy, is highly accessible, relevant to young people, and immensely entertaining. Experiencing “Ripples from Walden Pond” not only brings Thoreau to life for the students, but also enhances their understanding of civil society, a person’s obligation to the society and the importance of personal contemplation for development into a whole person. A Study Guide and post-performance talk back are included. Appropriate for middle school through adults.

To learn more about scheduling any of these free programs in your school, or with your children, or to support the continuation of this programming – go to, email or call 619-297-8953.

Be sure to bring your family to the 14th Annual TwainFest on Saturday, August 19, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at SD County Heritage Park in Old Town. This unique 19th Century Literary Festival is great fun for all ages with literary games, performances, interactive activities, puppets, music, and books, FREE though registration is required.Visit to register.


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