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Soul Mates Unlimited


By Deborah Vietor

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Judith Gottesman is celebrating her 10th anniversary as a professional matchmaker and dating coach. She holds an MSW from Yeshiva University and a BA in Psychology from U.C. Berkeley. The successful owner of Soul Mates Unlimited©, with a personalized approach to finding love for Jewish singles, she provides date coaching to anyone, anywhere.

Gottesman is a matchmaker for the West Coast Jewish community, with clients across the United States, including some in Israel. Once a geriatric social worker, Gottesman noticed her married clients were always happier than single ones, and she realized that helping people find love was the most important work she could do. After years of matchmaking informally for the “Mitzvah,” she started Soul Mates Unlimited© in February 2009.

“My goal is to help find love in any way I can. Everybody who wants love should have love,” she shared.

Gottesman has a unique business model, resulting in countless successful matches over the years. Every client that has married through working with Gottesman met their soulmate on their first match. Working with clients via e-mail and over the phone, she purposely charges much lower fees than others in order to make matchmaking affordable for the average person. Her services include free unlimited date coaching, with date coaching offered as a separate service. She prefers clients who are serious about finding love, charging men and women equally, tailoring to their needs and tastes. She believes in transparency, posting all fees on her website. Clients pay the majority of the matchmaking fee following a successful match.

Gottesman provides an hour long in depth interview, establishing criteria for a match. She attends to all dating details for compatibility, especially the three big ones: Values, lifestyle and long term goals.

Her date coaching includes the basics; like how to dress for a date, and how to communicate. She advises clients when to call, text, or e-mail, at times recommending whether to continue seeing someone.

“If you don’t have hope, you don’t have anything. I am my client’s personal cheerleader so they get back out there and are open to love,” she shared.

Clients hire Gottesman much as one would hire a life coach, personal trainer, or any other professional for optimum results. She has been interviewed by the New York Times, Fox News, many Jewish publications and NPR, among other radio programs. Her video blog, “Dating Tips and Horror Stories,” is informative, insightful and entertaining. Gottesman has written two books on finding your soul mate and dating advice, coming out soon.

A sample testimonial says, “With Judith, it is not a “numbers game.” So, you are not going to have large quantities of dates and your time wasted time and time again, with people that are nothing close to what you are looking for. You have to be patient, but it is worth the wait.” S.R. in Carlsbad.

Gottesman matches clients from their 20’s to well into their to their 90s! Many young singles on dating apps attend singles events and ask her to supplement their search with a more personal approach. Others are busy professionals or single parents, utilizing on-line dating, wasting time on random dates. Some retirees may be new to the dating world after long marriages, wary of dating sites, especially benefitting from the date coaching service. She covers all regions and locations regarding date coaching.

Contact Judith Gottesman, MSW of Soul Mates Unlimited™ to help you on your road to love.

www.SoulMatesUnlimited.com and www.MyDatingCoach.co or call (510) 418-8813.


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  1. Thank you Deborah, for a fine article. I have read about Gottesman before, but I found your article to be very thorough and interesting.

  2. Thanks Eva, . I enjoy your writing as well. Great story regarding the Opera!

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