December 2020/January 2021

My Comic Relief: 2020: A Year in Review


The most tumultuous year in most of our collective lifetimes is finally coming to an end. The other night, I opened my photos folder on my iPhone and decided to take a stroll down 2020 lane. Starting with January 2020 and ending in December 2020, I began to look through the images that made up each month for me. It was a different way to reminisce about this past year, and if you have the time, I suggest that you try flipping through your own images in the same way.

Here are some of my highlights:


The first picture I chose brought an immediate smile to my face. It was taken on January 26 at a local trampoline gym. It’s a slow-motion video of my son, Jacob, jumping up and down on the trampoline, and it reminded me of how much he’s grown in 12 months.


I’m a morning show producer for a local TV show. The February picture is of my talent, Zeji Ozeri and I standing in the middle of Petco Park interviewing supercross motorcycle riders. I remember feeling so small in such an immense park.


March 28, I brought home a bubble machine, the same bubble machine L’CHAIM Magazine uses at IsraelFest every year. It was a big hit there and a huge hit on our block as the COVID-19 lockdown began for the first time.


April was rough for me emotionally as most of my office was furloughed, so I took on new responsibilities. One was interviewing for our news station, where I had the honor of speaking with a nurse who reminded me of the true heroes fighting against this virus.


After a two-month quarantine, we decided to escape San Diego lockdown and travel to Orange County to get some fresh sea air. On May 9, we visited San Clemente State beach and for the first time in months I truly felt a little less anxiety.


Another morning show video popped up for this month, this time with one of my favorite human beings, Sam Zien (or as his 2 million subscribers know him: Sam the Cooking Guy). We visited Graze, his restaurant in Little Italy, and I remembered the amount of belly laughs I had that morning with Sam.


Jacob and I bought Star Wars lightsabers. We dueled in the garage.


I turned 40 years old on the fourth. Being on lockdown was a tough way to celebrate, but we did. Safely.


Jacob went swimming at our pool. I was amazed that by September he was swimming completely on his own. Cue another huge smile.


A Halloween video of Jacob dancing in his ninja costume in front of his virtual kindergarten class with a huge lit up pumpkin in the background just filled my heart with joy.


Two letters and one number – PS5. Yeah, I got the latest PlayStation console.


Jacob’s playing video games on his new PS5 with a smile from ear to ear.

This year has been filled with sickness, political vitriol, economic instability, etc. Yet all my pictures and videos didn’t show 2020 in that light. Instead I only see pictures of the one thing that matters most, my family. The photos in my camera roll just show simplicity. A bubble machine here and a lightsaber duel there.

Family: the true meaning of 2020.

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