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Fashion to Create the Life you Want


By Sharon Rapoport

Eight years ago, Linda Waisbord dolled herself up -as only she can do- and walked into the Fashion Valley Nordstrom. She asked for the head of the Personal Styling Department. This was not only a bold move to ask for a job; this was full-force Linda. During the impromptu interview, she stated: “You will not find anyone willing to work harder or more passionately than me.” Linda was hired on the spot.

Today, after a seven-year stint at Nordstrom, Linda has a one-of-a-kind collaboration with the famed department store, hosts a fashion segment at a TV station in Mexico, and creates curated luxury experiences for her customers. Her love of fashion is key to her unique way of viewing the world and making strides on it: “How you dress can change everything. It can change your productivity, relationship with yourself, and everything you believe is possible for you. It’s all about loving yourself and permitting yourself to be seen, heard, and valued.” As it turns out, this vision has allowed Linda to live the life she always wanted.

As a Co-founder of the MY PIPL platform, Linda introduces up-and-coming Mexican fashion and jewelry designers to Nordstrom for a chance to set up on-site pop-of-shops. This has allowed MY PIPL to showcase the work of designers such as Daniel Espinosa, Shula Atri, and Sofia Elias at the stores in Fashion Valley, Costa Mesa, and New York City. For the artists, this is an invaluable opportunity to achieve media exposure, access the department store giant, and, more importantly, the US market.

MY PIPL is the brainchild of Linda and partners Catherine Bachelier, an event planner, and Diva Lomas, founder of a fashion industry hub in Mexico City. It was ideated as a fashion platform to promote Latin talent in the United States. “We wanted to create a fashion bridge to connect Mexican designers to the US and provide them with support in marketing, public and commercial relations,” said Linda.

Linda, who defines herself as an Image and Luxury Consultant, has also branched out to organizing experiences through the CL Experience platform. These include event planning, fashion consultancy and organizing unique trips to such places as India and Tanzania. On the excursions, she procures special access to local artisans, food, and curated luxury activities, creating a positive impact in the communities the group visits.

Linda and Catherine are also the current Fashion and Style correspondents for Televisa Tijuana Channel 12 and hosts of the television segment, “Tu Moda Tu Estilo,” which airs weekly on the morning magazine show of Que Buen Día. Their message is clear: “Fashion is fun!” With helpful tips and a fresh view of fashion, they empower and inspire everyone to become the best version of themselves every day. “We know this is supposed to be about fashion, but it’s so much more: finding yourself, knowing yourself, then showing it off to the world.”

It is impossible not to comment on Linda’s success, a Jewish girl raised in Tijuana and moved to San Diego at the age of five. Though Linda’s fondest memories of childhood involved lunching with her mom at the Nordstrom Café – “Nordstrom was my happy place,” she says- it was not only after a personal insight that her career took off. “As corny as it sounds, the turnaround came when I started believing I deserved it,” said Linda. “I wrote down what I envisioned myself doing: making my living off fashion and travel and being surrounded by talent; and slowly worked toward it, with the firm conviction that I was worth it.”

These achievements have not been without personal sacrifice or hard work. On the contrary, Linda describes giving up some opportunities to be with her family while her kids were growing up. But today, Linda’s phone rings off the hook every day, with designers asking to work with her. Other Nordstrom stores across the country have reached out to be included on the MY PIPL pop-up shop schedule. And more significantly, she has been able to share some unique experiences with her now-grown children.

The future looks bright for Linda, who parts with me with a word of encouragement for everyone: “if I can make it, anyone can.”

Passover Fashion Tips and Inspiration

This may very well be the first Seder you attend in two years of pandemic. You may be asking yourself if that coat you bought in 2019 is still in fashion. Maybe your pre-pandemic clothes just don’t fit the same.

“The clothing you wear is an extension of who you are” says Linda. “It should strengthen your image and be an expression of your true self, so don’t force it.” These are Linda’s fashion truisms:

1. Be YOU

2. Fashion and comfort are NOT mutually exclusive

3. Look for inspiration and adapt it to your personal style

4. Assess what you already have BEFORE YOU SHOP

5. Experiment, explore and HAVE FUN!

Spring Trends

These are the season’s hottest trends, according to Linda:

  • Romantic meets glam. Florals, puff sleeves, beading and rhinestones … that’s enough to get you in the mood to DRESS UP.
  • Color. Spring means color. Colorful shoes, handbags, and accessories provide an easy way to brighten to any outfit.
  • Oversize! Shirts, coats, and other tailored pieces work add a touch of sophistication.



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