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Art by the Sea, for Free


By Deborah Vietor

Mark your calendar for October 8-9 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in downtown La Jolla on Girard Avenue to experience the 14th annual La Jolla Art & Wine Festival.

Featuring over 160 artists covering the U.S. and Mexico, unique and spectacular art will be exhibited in a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, jewelry design, fine glass, ceramics, woodwork, mixed media, and photography.

Participate in a two-day silent auction and bid for items online. Visit 15 pet adoption stations with an impressive line-up of live entertainment and music. Gepetto’s Toys Family Art Center will offer interactive art hosted by incredible virtual artists, robotics, 3D printing, crafts sponsored by Gepetto’s Toys and more.

Expect to be pleasantly surprised by craft beer and spirits with the iconic wine and beer garden highlighting over 35 international wineries, local craft breweries, and craft distilleries. Gourmet food will also be available. Although the festival is free, tickets are required for the wine and beer garden.

Among the featured artists are American-Italian brothers Daniel and Jeff Bommarito. Through their stunning and most extraordinary collection of photography, become inspired and enchanted by Bommarito Art & Design. The artist and master photographer Daniel is the number one most awarded fine art photographer in San Diego, the owner of San Diego Fine Art Photography and Ocean Wave Art. He is recognized throughout the United States and internationally with original images and artwork recognized by the Smithsonian Museum and coveted international competitions, including the Epson Pano International Awards.

Artist/designer Jeff’s area of focus includes leading their production and sales teams, art making, marketing, and public relations for the company.

“We are inspired to bring the beautiful of the world to you by capturing the most iconic scenes and locations…from La Jolla to Pebble Beach, national parks, the Hawaiian Islands, Italy and more,” Jeff says. “We are driven by the pursuit of capturing the perfect moment in time, and converting it to an art piece to share with others.”

The brothers have driven over 100,000 miles, visiting over 40 countries and are constantly traveling. Their next adventure will be Italy and Iceland in 2023. China and Tahiti are tentatively planned for 2024. In the coming months, the brothers will be in Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado amongst other states.

“One thing people underestimate about what we do is the risk,” Jeff says. “It’s high risk, intense, and people use the word sacrifice when talking about giving up something for a chance at something else … it’s been that way for 15 years for us.”

“We set out to create the most complete portfolio of…something for everyone is the mindset. We bring the places you know and love to life with our art. We are in the people business above all and making people happy is about sharing things that are of interest to them in spectacular way. Some love abstract, some love birds, some love airplanes … so we set out to do it all!”

To view this extraordinary and inspirational photography, visit bommaritoart.com, or visit Daniel and Jeff at the LJAWF, booths 437/438.

The La Jolla Art & Wine Festival foundation is a non-profit organization. All profits raised benefit underfunded programs at all La Jolla public schools. Since its inception, the LJAWF has donated over one million dollars to these schools for the educational benefit of more than 4,000 children. All donations to the La Jolla Art & Wine Festival are tax deductible. Visit the La Jolla Art & Wine Festival website at www.ljawf.com to learn more. For general inquiries, email info@lajollaartandwinefestival.com.


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