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Are You Looking for A Creative Invitation for Connection?


By L’CHAIM Staff

The first words of the Torah are B’raysheet Bara Adonai — and God Created. Sharing a creative, interactive, and intentional experience between mothers and daughters provides a healthy pathway to establish skills for expressing thoughts, ideas and feelings. That is the essence of The Duet Project, a convenient and innovative program developed by Amy Miller — mom, credentialed teacher, facilitator, parent coach, artist and Jewish summer camp “Camp Mom.”

Inspired by the long-term impact of nurturing healthy communication habits while keeping hands busy with arts and crafts with her own daughters, Amy created The Duet Project so that other mothers and daughters could strengthen their bond in a unique and playful way.

In launching this program, Amy witnessed the benefits for mothers and daughters that she envisioned.

“This has let us connect and we have just learned more about each other, and I think we’ve grown to understand each other better and love each other better,” a 12-year-old participant said.

Designed for pairs to have meaningful conversations about real life topics, the program offers heartfelt exchange, building a solid foundation through expression; dedicated activities to complete and look forward to monthly; the ability to share stories and perspectives about life in a trusted way; and a tangible piece of art and visual memento of their time together.

Busy Hands and Open Hearts

What happens when hearts are open, sharing arts and crafts and conversation? We hear with less judgment and practice the art of communication with our children. The Duet Project encourages moms and daughters to nurture confidence in their ability to express themselves verbally and artistically in a loving environment.

“What makes a good friend?” or “Did you ever have to end a friendship, and how did you do it?” How would you answer those questions? How would your daughter or mom answer those questions? Discovering our answers to these questions, and others, in a non-emotionally charged environment allows us to strengthen our bond. Questions start out easy to ask and answer and evolve to more intimate to build a bridge of support and understanding.

The Duet Project Comes To Life

The Duet Project is a monthly offering delivered to your inbox that guides pairs towards a deeper connection using themed conversation starter questions while working side-by-side on a themed craft project. Amy designed this program knowing that busy hands open hearts, and when hearts are open, the impact on relationships can be extraordinary. Themed conversation starters with topics such as gratitude, friendship and courage support the artistic time together exploring projects like mixed media art, paint pouring and card making.

Any age is the right time to cultivate a stronger connection — from 5 to 105. The Duet Project makes a great gift for you and your daughter, or for a special pair of women in your life – and you don’t have to be an artist.

Learn more at www.amysartpalette.com.


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