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Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 5.48.56 PMBy Yigal Adato


I have been writing for L’Chaim magazine for some months now, and at first I was terrified. I always saw myself as a better speaker than a writer. I remember freaking out over the prospect of writing a 15-page essay in college; so writing as an art form was something I never really tried. But over the course of my time with this magazine, I have come to look forward to writing my monthly contribution. As I thought about what to write for the education issue, nothing rung truer than educating yourself. Here are three ways you can learn something new to improve your life.


  1. Learn Who You Are

We live day after day in the monotony of routine: Wake up, go to work, do errands, come home, have dinner and go to bed. Although all these are activities are important, it’s seldom that we sit and contemplate about our wants or needs; and more importantly who we have become. Over time we change; we start liking different foods, want to try new things or even have different goals. Being able to sit and figure out who you are deep down will open up an understanding of who are becoming. It is not just important for you but for those around you to know who you are and being able to partner in fulfilling those necessities. Have courageous conversations about things that upset you or things that make you laugh out loud. Be honest and open to who you are and you will live the life of more freedom than you can imagine.


  1. Learn a Hobby

You might want to run marathons or master the piano. Whatever it is, start NOW! Stop the fear of failure and dive into something that will put a smile on your face. When you practice a new hobby, it not only makes you happy but helps your mind stay focused. Imagine six months or a year from now when you can play a couple of songs on your favorite instrument or you cross the finish line. There will be setbacks and times where you feel like you are failing but remember to enjoy the ride and love the results.


  1. Learn to Trust

First, learn trust yourself. Yes, you have made mistakes and failed at things but you are not alone. Most people who are successful, from business to sports fail and make mistakes, but it doesn’t stop their drive or their faith in themselves to get it done. Trust your instinct and trust your gut. Trust that you can accomplish what you set your mind to, and most importantly trust that things happen for a reason. The reason might be for you to learn a lesson or to change your perspective but learn from it and move on.

Second, trust others. Some of you will think about those who have betrayed you, but take a moment and picture the friends and family who have supported you through a tough time and been there to make you laugh. There is good out there, and you have to keep trusting to be free of stress.


I am still learning to be a good writer, but it takes knowing who I am deep inside to be able to express myself in words. I chose to write as my hobby to be able to practice and perfect, and I love every minute. It keeps me on my feet and allows me to process my thoughts and share them with you. So take some time to reflect and learn who you are today. Pick up a hobby that you have wanted to learn for years and trust that you can crush it. I can’t wait to see what you achieve.


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