Campus of Life (COL) is a brand new concept of residential living — integrating community, wellness and learning experiences that compliment individuals’ goals.

Imagine living in a beautiful new neighborhood surrounded with likeminded neighbors that know each other and enjoy similar interests. Imagine being able to come home, after a busy day, have dinner and choose to do Yoga, paint, learn micro brewing or play chess with your friends! You don’t have to drive anywhere or pay for these activities! On a Sunday, you may choose to join the hiking group who will explore the plants and environment while walking Torrey Pines and doing Yoga on the beach. Is this real? Yes! Welcome to Campus of Life, where millennials, families and boomers invest in themselves, grow and create together. The living embodies creative and intellectual options that build community, strengthen people’s potential and engage the whole person (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) in a balanced and inspired life. This initiative is not aligned with a particular faith or creed and is open to all. To be eligible to live at Campus of Life one must commit to at least a weekly activity while living in a brand new rented residence (1-3 bedroom).

COL is an accredited provider of continuing education units and you may be able to earn CEUs for professional or personal goals. The accreditation by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training assures high quality of learning experiences.

To learn about the community, visit or speak with Dr. Ilana De Laney (858) 800-2115. To book a tour, call Trina Carter at (858) 603-3931.


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