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San Diego Jewish Academy Continues Bold Tuition Affordability Program for 2021/2022 Academic Year

More families are finding a top Jewish private school education affordable in San Diego thanks to the bold Open Door program, which reduces tuition by at least $10,000 at San Diego Jewish Academy for Kindergarten and 9th grade, and maintains that reduction for those students for four years. Because of the community’s support and the high enrollment numbers following the program inaugural years, SDJA is able to continue Open Door for 2021/2022 in Kindergarten and 9th grade, advancing its vision to removing cost as a barrier for a world-class private school education. As students statewide are struggling with these challenging times, SDJA is pleased to offer personalized attention and large indoor and outdoor spaces enabling socially distanced, on-campus education as well as virtual education for those who choose that option.

“Now more than ever, we are so happy to provide this certainty in uncertain times,” says Zvi Weiss, Head of School at SDJA. “Families who may have felt a private school was out of reach can join SDJA and know what the next four years will look like for them with a high-quality education and meaningful community experiences valued at $30,000 per student each year.”

“SDJA’s Open Door Program has helped us to give our daughter the gift of a phenomenal SDJA education and experience,” said a parent of a current kindergartener. “Whether she was learning virtually or now back on campus, joining the SDJA family and being part of this community has truly changed her life and ours.”

SDJA is a pluralistic K-12 school with an early childhood center. Thanks to Open Door, SDJA now has more than 600 students, including three kindergarten classes and more than 50 9th graders. SDJA continues to grow its offerings through unique initiatives like the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking, which brings cutting edge learning experiences to students, and through the Advanced Institute for Jewish Studies, which offers Jewish learning opportunities to students and parents alike. SDJA has also continued to grow and innovate through the pandemic, with programs such as Nash@SDJA, which grew our music program through the months our students were learning from home.

“The success of Open Door speaks to the strength and commitment of our families and the generosity and support of our community and donors,” adds Heidi Gantwerk, Board Chair of SDJA. “Making a Jewish day school education affordable for more families is a commitment we all share and support — and we all benefit as our community continues to grow and thrive even during these challenging times.”

SDJA currently has waitlists in many classes, in addition to welcoming over 135 new students and 80 new families this year. The school strongly encourages any interested families to apply for the next academic year by February 1.

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