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By Deborah Vietor


San Diegan and award-winning photographer Bekah Peace specializes in newborn and maternity photography, child and family photography, high profile events and wedding photography. Working in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles, Peace strives to give her clients beautiful, natural photos capturing each child’s unique personality and she has an eye for incorporating true emotion into each picture.

Recently Bekah provided us with our amazing cover photo for the December/January issue, featuring Gil and Nili Peretz of “Positive Chutzpah.” L’Chaim Magazine has received many compliments, and Peace offered to share her experience and passion for photography with us this month.


L’CHAIM Magazine: Where are you originally from?

Bekah Peace: I grew up in San Diego and I was homeschooled, which I really believe is a huge reason for my love for art. Many hours at home gave me extra time to use my imagination. My mom always had me making crafts with art being a huge part of my entire life.


L’CHAIM: Did you always know you wanted to be a photographer?

BP: My first job at age 16 was working in a portrait studio. I realized that I loved posing and capturing the perfect look. I loved it so much, I seriously would dream of being a photographer and having my own business. I have been a photographer for 12 years.


L’CHAIM: What do you enjoy most about being a photographer?

BP: I love building relationships. I get to watch my clients grow from newborns and celebrate each birthday with them through graduation. Most of my clients return each year and we do birthday and family shoots during the holidays, becoming good friends.

I love event photography because I get to be an artist and photograph these gorgeous decorations, capturing candid images of people just enjoying the event. Event photography is so different from a family shoot because I am capturing the event from the way I see it. It’s very interesting because I usually have 2-3 assistants with me as events consists of anywhere from 500-5000 people. Each assistant gives me completely different photographs of the same thing, but all beautiful. This is where we can all be true artists and do what we love, which is to be creative, with no rules and capture what our own eyes see. Most of the events are put by Pantherella events.

I have also had the opportunity to photograph some very inspirational speakers, events such as Laura Bush, Ben Carson, Taya Kyle and the talented recording artist Steven Tyler with the band Aerosmith.


L’CHAIM: Where did you study and who or what inspired you?

BP: I am a self-taught photographer. Everything I learned was with either by doing. My degree is in Psychology, from Long Beach State University with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Counseling, so studying people goes along well with photography.


L’CHAIM: How do you prepare clients and what do you ask them?

IBP: ask my clients what style shoot they are going for. We choose locations based from what they like. Sometimes they allow me to choose and I definitely have my favorite places to shoot. Lighting is key, so I always look for a place with that soft, golden, glowing light coming in. This creates a fairy tale look reflecting on the children and families. I also help with clothing by sending items I like and making recommendations. Ultimately, clients choose which photos they would like to keep. I bring my own props and accessories and love to stylize a shoot.


L’CHAIM: In what ways are you different and what sets you apart from other photographers?

BP: What sets me apart is my passion. I am so excited after a shoot to get home and edit the images. I literally drive straight home and start on them right away! It’s just as exciting to me as my own children’s photos. I want all my clients to feel 100% happy and be thrilled with every shoot. I am so happy when I receive an email saying they are excited.


L’CHAIM: How do you manage difficult shoots?

BP: I have a lot of patience and you will never see a cranky child I my photos, because I capture them when they have those few seconds where they are smiling and happy. I make sure to “get the shot.”


To connect with Bekah Peace, email her at, call her at (760) 917-6113, or visit her online at


Mazel Tov, Chabad Alef Center!

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