1. James F. Wallace

    I’m a first time reader. L’ Chaim is a great read. I can hardly wait to get to San Diego.

    Keep up the good work.


    James F. Wallace
    St. Louis Missouri

  2. jre

    A little birdie tells me you might be seeing big features on North Park, Balboa Park and San Diego arts in some major US magazines soon…

  3. admin

    Thank you, James. We appreciate your feedback and next time you’re in San Diego, check out some of our supporters. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. Wonderful article. Israel has found a unique solution which perhaps deserves a place in U.S. immigration reform.

    Sub-Acute care for the Elderly is growing problem. Medi-care does not pay for long term care. After a three day hospital stay it will pay (with co-payment) for up to 100 days. Then nothing.

    With proper elder law planning and restructuring of their assets U.S. Seniors who are wartime veteran’s can qualify for between $1758 (single- no dependents) and $2,085 (married) to pay for care in their home,

    In California, Medi-Cal will not kick in until almost all of a Senior’s assets are gone. Under Medi-Cal in home supportive services can provide up to 269 hours per month. Unfortunately, that is less than seven hours a day. Not enough for many who depend on help to assist them in transferring, toileting, eating, or to keep safe those with cognitive difficulties including Alzheimer’s and dementia,

    Private Pay nursing home care in California averages $7628/month. This is too much for many seniors to bear without quickly spending all they own. Under California’s current laws Elder Law Attorneys can help seniors preserve their nest eggs while qualifying for entitlements to pay for their care.

    The U.S. approach is broken. Attorney work can glue it together for clients today, but we need a solution that will last. Perhaps creating a new class of immigrant to fill this need and bring down the costs of care/

    — Joel S. Weissler, Esq., Weissler Law Group, (619)281-1888

  5. Splendid, insightful article. I hope it is well read and acted upon. Time for a serious discussion in the Jewish community on, “Should Jews be Vegetarians?” Tie for rabbis and other jewish leaders and, indeed every Jew, to consider the many moral issues related to animal-based diets.

  6. Amy Levin

    Thoughful, insightful, and inspiring article. I think as Jewish vegans we often feel the conflicting emotions of wanting to kvell and cry when we think about the moral imperatives and wisdom of Judaism coupled with modern norms of mindlessly supporting meat and dairy farms. I think the effort to make known the Jewish values of compassion towards animals to our fellow Jews as well as the environmental and health implications is a SACRED effort. L’shanah Tovah to you and to JVNA!

  7. Mickie Magan

    Anyone who has watched the film Earthlings can testify., there is absolutely no compassion shown for the animals in the Jewish slaughterhouse seen.
    NONE. maybe those with rose coloured glasses should have a look at that first!

  8. Judith Gottesman

    Bravo to L’Chaim publishers and editor for choosing such a bold topic for the premier issue’s cover story. Thank you, Jeffrey, and JVNA, for such a well-written article which gives any thinking and caring person any one of the many great reasons to go vegan and stop harming God’s planet and creatures, including themselves.

  9. Lisa

    Thank you for writing this. I appreciate reading how me and other people feel and hope to reach the rest of us who are searching….

  10. Eileen Miller

    Stephanie –

    This was lovely to read, reflect upon and enjoy. Your experience definitely mirrors my own thoughts and feelings. Thank you for putting JCo forth in such a true, real, shining light.

    It is a pleasure getting to know you and sit in the JCo tent with you and your beautiful children!

    Peace & Light – Eileen

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  13. This is wonderfully funny and your are a fabulous writer. These would be great for Purim. I seriously think you are on to something if you were to make some of these into games. Nothing short of LOL.

  14. Alexis

    My friends invited me to her bat mitzvah but didn’t say “dressy casual” or anything like that. What should I do?

  15. Sharon Rapoport

    Hi, Alexis!
    I´m glad you enjoyed the story on the Bar-Mitzvah dress code. As for your question, you can wear a nice dress. It should not be overly formal or stuffy, but be sure that it reaches your knees, and wear something to cover your shoulders, like a cardigan.

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  18. Ashley

    Hi, I’m Ashley & i’m 15 {freshman}. So I was invited to my brother’s friend’s Bar Mitzvah. I know him well, but we’re not like “close friends”. So I’m only going because the family was invited. There’ll be adults there, along with kids and teens. I don’t know what i should wear, I was considering a high-low dress {spaghetti straps} with leggings and boots. But I don’t want to seem like a “punk”, as my mom says I do sometimes. My mom said I should wear a dress, but I don’t know a length I should wear. We’re going to the party the next day, in which we can’t make it to the actually ceremony the day before.

  19. Hahahaha, I’m not Jewish but knew most all the foods and got all the funnies.

    Bagel: Well I’m lonely. There’s an empty hole ever since she left. I know, I know. I still have my cream cheese, but it’s not enough.


    You are a clever woman, Miss Stephanie!


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  21. Maria Henshilwood

    I hate Disney – ever since I had children. Before children I loved it. But, with children of any age, people only pretend to like it – I’m convinced of this. It’s utterly horrible and cruel and unusual punishment.
    You describe it very beautifully my dear.

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  23. Carole Mathios

    Hilarious! and SO TRUE! It’s a tradition, much like a wedding and must please the elder members of the family! Some are easier to please than others!

  24. OMG, Stephanie! You make me laugh so hard and that is no easy task. I’m not Jewish so I’m still learning some of the terminology and may have to consult you regarding ceremonial observations and if I am laughing at the appropriate thing. Being Catholic (no more, no, just no) until my mid-teens, we’re pretty much forced to never laugh at anything at anytime so we tend to grow up laughing at the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate times.

    Past your prime rib lol



  25. Thank you for this commentary, as well as a variation on latkes I haven’t yet tried. I love that you included steps to making ash! I purchased ash in order to make a homemade version of Humbolt Fog cheese, but I never realized it could be made at home, as it is simply “ash.” Thanks again!

  26. Eileen Miller

    As a member of JCoSD I can attest to the magic created by our community and our Rabbis. At the ripe young age of seventy I truly feel like I have found my Jewish home!!

  27. Thank you for your kind words, Abigail. There is an almost infinite approach to ashes and you can adjust the flavor profile massively just by changing the components of the ash. I learned the technique cooking in a restaurant in Baja, where chile peppers were a crucial component yielding a wonderfully spicy overtone to the ash. It was great on many dishes….not the least of which was popcorn!

  28. Patricia

    I would like to submit a review on Things We Pass Down, an exhibit at The Gottheff Gallery. I am a freelance writer from Canada and I found the biographies behind the paintings to be of interest.

    Thank you for your kind attention, Patricia Goldblatt

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  30. Lauren

    Hi, I was invited to both the ceremony and the dance party part. I have never been to one before and was wondering if a jean jacket would be appropriate with a dress?

    • Rafaela Torossian

      It matters the dress and where they are having the party. Like for example, I’m having my bat mitzvah on march 26, and I’m having it at the saint regis New York City, so to wear that to my party would be unexceptionable.

  31. Marla A.

    Great writing,kiddo! Love it…..but you REALLY need to spend a little more time around Jews, dah-ling! LOL…….hugs 2 You and your Yiddishe Kop!

  32. Wally Kars

    A follow-on product from Robolink on Kickstarter now – CoDrone: The Programmable Drone that Flies and Drives.

  33. David S.

    Bargaining/Bartering Barbie is a crackup- hits close to home! Although, I think my mom usually bartered with baked goods that she didn’t want to eat herself!

  34. Zoey

    I’m 13 and was invited to my friend’s Bar Mitzvah, it said “stylishly comfortable”, what does that mean? I was also invited to my friends B’nai Mitzvah, it said “party chic”, what should I wear to them?x

  35. Carol Mark

    I absolutely loved this! As a “Fiddler on the Roof” fan, I so appreciated it!

    Can’t wait to read about Fanny and Nicky!

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  37. Funny! My husband, sadly, is the Air Error. He flew helicopters for a living, and therefore believes himself the expert on all things airborne. As for me, I only whisper the Shema on take off and landing.

  38. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradesi_Jews

    There are two Portuguese Jews remaining in Chennai, Davvid Levi son of Sarah Levi.

    Jewish Cemetery in Chennai
    In 1934, tombstones were moved to the Central Park of Madras along with the gate of the cemetery on which “Beit ha-Haim” were written in Hebrew. The tombstones were moved again in 1979 to Kasimedu, when government school was approved to be built. In 1983, they were moved to Lloyds Road, when the Chennai Harbour expansion project was approved. In this whole process 17 tombstones went missing including Jacques (Jaime) de Paiva (Pavia).


    Jews also settled in Madras (now Chennai) soon after its founding in 1640. Most of them were coral merchants from England who were of Portuguese origin and belonged to the Franco, Paiva or Porto families. In 1688, there were three Jewish representatives in the Madras Corporation . Most Jewish settlers resided in the Coral Merchants Street in Muthialpet. They also had a cemetery in the neighbouring Peddanaickenpet. The Jewish population in Madras began to dwindle at the turn of the 18th century (There are two Portuguese Jews remaining in Chennai, Davvid Levi son of Sarah Levi. Sarah Levi is the daughter of Levi De Castro and Rachel Halevi Cohen. Levi De Castro’s family stayed in Chennai from 1700, Levi De Castro’s great grand father was Salomon Franco, Salomon Franco died in Chennai on 1768).The last of the tombstones in the cemetery date to 1997.

  40. Stephanie Krasner

    Rabbi Graubart will be dearly missed!
    We will cherish the memories of many life transitions at Beth El with Rabbi Graubart.
    So glad we will see you around the community.
    Best of Luck dear friend and Rabbi,

    The Krasners
    Stephanie, Milton, Ari and Daniel

  41. Anonymous

    I’m invited to a bat mitzvah party that also doubles as a birthday party. My friends say that they’re gonna wear these fancy dresses and I should do the same and also sport a fancy hairstyle with braids and all that, but I have never in my life worn a dress willingly. Girly stuff makes me wanna puke 😅. I don’t wanna go too formal yet something too casual and ill feel outta place. They say that there’s a dress code and the ppl won’t let me in if I wear a hoodie and shorts. Rlly stuck as to what to wear. Pls reply before July 25th!

    Ps. If you have any present ideas for the bat mitzvah girl then that’ll be greatly appreciated. Being socially awkward and an introvert doesn’t help in situations like this 😂

  42. Great opportunity to get up close and personal with an animal that I really didn’t know, being a city girl. Love the camel ride and bought some Camel milk candy. Great opportunity if you love animals to be exposed and compassionate.

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  44. Ilona Szer

    It is now many months later and we have grown since this article was written. And yet, we are still the same warm, inviting, and uniquely talented community of Jews who support one another like a family

  45. Nikki

    Hey this was really helpful, but I’m going to a bar mitzvah at a belong alley and the attire is just “casual” (it’s teen only) would jeans and a nice shirt work?

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  48. How you come up with all this funny for one post is beyond me. “I don’t remember a book like that?” and “No soup for you!” – my two favorites. Can you tell I’m a Jerry fan? Love your funny words, always a pick-me-up. Keep ’em comin’!

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  52. Beth Feldman

    What a nice article! Should be a fun time on May 7th! So much happening at one place as well. Authentic Jewish Food, Celebrity Chef Demonstrations, vendors, expanded Kosher grill, Community Food Drive with ICS, Mediterranean dishers, Wine & Beer Garde, Live entertainment and children’s activities as well. Can’t wait!

  53. Alan Lasnover

    We attended the kickoff and were favorably impressed with both the film and the heroine. I would like to learn how to copy (by email) and forward the cover story, the IFDF snd the IDF, also greatly enjoyed. Is this possible?

  54. Kristine Quart

    Just read this article and was so moved by its message. I have so many friends whose friendships and families have been decimated over the past couple of years simply because they have different opinions. I hope they read this!

  55. Eva Trieger

    This is a beautifully inspiring and poignant piece. Thank you for finding a personal, beautiful moment in such an horrific tragedy. It is good to know these young boys’ lives are not forgotten.

  56. Carol Mark

    Very funny! How about Pot Luck Procrastinator: waits until the last minute to rsvp so that there’s nothing left to sign up to bring.

  57. Huguette Ashley

    Barbara dear, thank you so much for receiving the lchaimmagazine, I hope I will find it at the Jewish Center
    since I’m a member, or call them and ask them if I can get it at AMAZON at UTC mall. Hope you had a Happy Hannukah on the 13th.

    Take care and all my best to you, Martin and Nicole.

  58. Marilyn Stern Meisel

    What a gem! Delightful! Laughed so hard I need a botox fix.
    Very original and super sweet. To anyone who disagrees, ‘In your hat!’

  59. Joan and Paul Schauder

    We are looking for your last magazine, there was an article a about dogs helping handicap people. If possible could we get that article via email. Thanks for your help. Joan

  60. Carol Mark

    So true and yet so funny! As a professional worrier about 2 kids and 4 grandkids, I can totally relate!

  61. marilyn gold

    Thank you my dear friend/sister for this dear and touching story. It’s timing so perfect and written with so much emotion and passion of your expression. Not too such what the actual message is, but i loved reading every minute of this beautiful story. I am so fortunate to have been even a small part of this story. Keep writing

  62. Mina Tzur

    My dear Vardi

    This story is so beautiful in itself as well as in the way it was written. You are certainly a very talented writer. At some point, there were tears in my eyes. I could easily imagine your mother with her collection of pictures and the way she presented her treasure to her friends and family in Istael. The fact that I knew her personally only added to the vivid description that you managed to convery. I could sense your love, longing, sorrow and regret for experiences missed and longed for. Being myself an Israeli mother whose son lives in NY, I personally experience the emotions you portrayed. This story talks about love, sacrifice and heartbreak that accompany being a mother, a daughter and a grandmother.
    Your mother was a uniquely couragous woman and your story is a fantastic memorial to her and the sense of family she managed to keep despite the fact that, for most of her life, her family lived oceans away from her.
    I feel with you, my dearest friend

  63. Marjie Du Berchin

    Varda, your memories of your Mom evoke similar ones for me. Perhaps it was the times, perhaps just our Moms but the pride in their children was everpresent. Thank you for evoking these memories in me.

  64. Vivian Blackstone

    Very impressive, loved reading how much Dr Weitzman has accomplished in his young life.
    Thanks for sharing, no doubt I will check out my closet shelter =, The Helen Woodward, for an older possible rescue
    dog that might fit in my life.

  65. sharon

    What a wonderful tribute to Gary, I am his cousin but learned much I did not know about Gary. He is a wonderful man – wish we lived closer. Sharon

  66. Steven Cupo

    I’ve known Gary as a dear and trusted friend since his days in Washington, DC. His intelligence, compassion, joy, great humor and companionship are just some of his many wonderful traits. Whenever I was with him, I always was smiling. I have always admired his desire to make a real difference in this world.
    And … he’s a big goofball!

  67. Dafna Zarin

    This is an incredible article. I think if you would share it with the “Los Angeles Jewish Journal”, people will be learning about opportunities, and have some respect to Fellow of San Diego whom actually live in Los Angeles.
    Thank you for your Consideration.

  68. Noga Galil

    What a great start for the New Year, Shanah Tovah. This is great and I wish all the Fellows a great year.
    We need more peope like you.


    This is a Beautifully written article Mimi Pollack !!!!!!!! although I already knew Maru Davila is an amazing strong lovely, no!! beautiful women, this article pasted an additional WONDERFUL LAYER of her AWESOMENESS, ONTO HER, It shows just how much a superwoman as well as a beautiful woman, Maru is I REALLY REALLY MEAN THAT!! her detox from flaca forever and the delicious meals in her cookbook THE MEXICAN DIET helped this Traumatic Brain Injury Warrior have more Wellness feeling in Her to tackle things that I thought were gone forever since I had a stroke even though I was a good weight and my blood pressure was better than GREAT!! I walked 8 miles 5 days a week, and I was very young which is why I was misdiagnosed AND SENT HOME TWICE FROM THE HOSPITAL with my brain bleeding, ANYWAY HER DETOX HAS DONE WONDERS I MEAN WONDERS FOR MY nrg and mental can do attitude Thanks for doing this article on Maru I can’t thank her enough!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Alan and Rosa Lasnover

    It’s too bad we already have a commitment requiring us to be away. It is the ONLY reason we will sail pay respects to this great man and his music.

  71. eva trieger

    Thank you Deborah, for a fine article. I have read about Gottesman before, but I found your article to be very thorough and interesting.

  72. Florence Bialik

    A beautiful article about a woman who gives of herself when she is committed to a cause. I hope she will continue her attachment to Israel and the Jewish people for many years to come. She deserves to be lauded.

  73. Chaim Bialik

    In retirement, many live off old memories. In retirement, Frances relentlessly creates new memories. May Frances continue doing so from strength to strength.

  74. Lynne D Shapiro

    I found it troubling that Mr. obin branded most of us American Jewish people as lacking Jewish literacy.
    I don’t know where the statistics are that prove that.
    I am especially troubled because it is like saying, as I have heard from Christians with a disdain for us “most Jews don’t go to synagogue after their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs” or “most B’Nai Mitzahs memorize their chants from rote, they don’t really know the Hebrew.” (I don’t “look Jewish so I hear all kinds of sweeping negatives about us).
    We need to be careful in what we say about ourselves to those looking on.

  75. Joseph Yedid


  76. Thanks for the delicious recipe. But it’s not clear to me if the quinoa is already cooked before adding to the recipe. It’s pretty crunchy, otherwise!

    Thank you,
    Deborah Davis

  77. Marilyn Stern Meisel

    Hey, Stephanie! You managed once again to perfectly express what’s in our hearts, combined with your matzoh-sharp wit! And Dayenu will always rank as our number one soul tune!
    A sweet Pesach to you and yours.

  78. I have never experienced Passover from a mindfulness perspective! Violet, this year you have brought new awareness, meaning and peace into my life with your wisdom. I will savor your words and share them with others to bring inspiration and freedom.

  79. Kim Lande

    What a wonderful way to see Passover in a way that is relevant to our everyday lives, reminds us of what holds us back and gives us freedom. Thank you for this article!

  80. Leslee Simon

    Thank you for your thoughtful words, Diane. May all faith communities in San Diego County come together to bring us into peaceful times. May the injured heal soon and the grieving find comfort. Sincerely, Leslee Simon

  81. Deborah Vietor

    How do we as a community, a nation and a universe cease tyranny created by ignorant powerless fools, who attempt to manifest a totalitarian zoo? We are aware that only the most cowardly approach people during worship with weapons. As Jews we are armed by love and faith in G-d, a belief in humanity, education and community far more powerful than bullets and weapons. We are here to learn, educate, elevate and unify communities formed by those of all denominations and nationalities. Through continued outreach, education and love, we will continue to condemn hatred and antisemitism in all forms. We are unified through love and compassion to conquer this insidious weakness of hatred from those with a quest for power and destruction in our society. We combat oppression and fear just as our ancestors did, by standing up to tyranny, as we become stronger in our faith, performing good deeds and rebuilding thorough Tikkun Olam.Our strength is in numbers and in the face of tragedy, we continue to pray, mourning the loss of precious life through this senseless act of hatred. If we are involved in a race, let it be the human race. Our family extends deep condolences, love and compassion to all the families, the congregation and our community affected so deeply be this senseless act. With much Love, Deborah Vietor

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  88. Hi,

    I am a senior that is a novice guitar player and would love to get involved with a group playing Jewish music. I am not sure how this works but if you can use me I will participate.

  89. Mar Gee Farr

    I am Mar Gee Farr, and a past president with the San Diego North Coast Knitters Guild. I wasn’t at the meeting last
    month, however, a friend of a friend mentioned that Rita Kahn passed away suddenly. I hope this isn’t so, please respond to my email if you can. Thank you.

    Mar Gee Farr
    630-624-6634 (cell)
    4317 Citrus Drive
    Fallbrook, CA 92028-8630

  90. Nancy B Jones

    THANK YOU for this lovely piece!
    It is my pleasure to work with Bill and Naomi and provide the educational component of Alta Vista Botanical Gardens.
    We appreciate your discovery and support!

    Be sure to check out our website altavistabotanicalgardens.org for great photos and information.

    Just to clarify – the “Kids in the Garden” program is offered monthly at Alta Vista Botanical Gardens by Farmer Jones. We have been working with kids in that class for 10 years.

    “Only Losers Litter” is a monthly trash walk in Vista for students and adults which is organized by Vista’s Backfence Society. Farmer Jones helps promote and participates in the trash walks.

  91. Nancy B Jones

    THANK YOU for this lovely piece!
    It is my pleasure to work with Bill and Naomi and provide the educational component of Alta Vista Botanical Gardens.
    We appreciate L’Chaim magazine’s discovery and support of our Gardens!

    Be sure to check out our website altavistabotanicalgardens.org for great photos and information.

    Just to clarify – the “Kids in the Garden” program is offered monthly at Alta Vista Botanical Gardens by Farmer Jones. We have been working with kids in that class for 10 years.

    “Only Losers Litter” is a monthly trash walk in Vista for students and adults which is organized by Vista’s Backfence Society. Farmer Jones helps promote and participates in the trash walks.

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  93. Barbara Sachs

    Wanted to make you aware that the show is NOT in the space theater, but on the main stage. The show has been extended to September 1, 2019.

  94. Sooo funny and clever! And may I add as a that I, an Italian-American, very lapsed (and prolapsed, if we’re being honest here) Catholic, don’t do the camping either!

  95. Tony S

    I love these bits of ‘advice’! They are hilarious. It’s not often I read a great piece of humor that is both original and familiar! Loved every word!

  96. Yael

    This cake was delicious! Made the recipe gluten-free by substituting the 2 cups gluten-free flour and one cup oat flour. We replaced raisins with hazelnuts and it worked out quite well.

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  98. Peter Ferrari

    Hello. My name is Peter Ferrari, and I wanted to thank Dr. Kleiman for his professional dedication as our Battalion surgeon. I am just one of many former Marines he saved.
    April 8, 1968, on Operation Pegasus with Fox Company 2nd Bn 1st Marines, I was wounded. The chest tube Dr Kleiman inserted into my chest at Ca Lu made me feel like I was brought back to life.
    I never had the chance to thank him. So, Thank You, Dr Kleiman, and Semper Fi

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  101. Tony Streano

    These are ALL hilarious. Any time Ms. Lewis posts is guaranteed laughter! Now, can she “convert” Goldielocks into… how about “Golda’s Lox”?

  102. Marissa Bergen

    Thank you for being a bright spot during these difficult times as usual. What would we do without your humor?

  103. Marilyn

    You have an endless imagination and a singular ability to spread humor in this terrible time of sadness.

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