Gabriel Katzner

By Becky Krinsky

Gabriel Katzner had a good life in New York City, until the big apple had to let go the senior and most experienced lawyers from their corporate firms. Money was short and Corporate America was changing. Katzner had to move on and find a new path of life.

So, Katzner and his wife moved to California and had their first son. Parenthood brought a new meaning and different interest. He recognized that the need to be responsible and to protect his legacy and the future of his first born. Knowing his trade, he searched around for a law firm that could provide him with the estate planning guidance he needed. Soon he discovered that every lawyer he visited was interested mainly in “financial wellness”.

Katzner, however, was concerned with the core values of his family. He worried about what would happen with his child’s education in case he and his wife couldn’t be around to help him grow? He had doubts about the limited personal knowledge of the guardian the attorneys were appointing in the legal papers. He felt that this person was only a formality authorized in the lawyer’s paperwork, but not true interested in the fine aspects of the everyday life of the child.

Katzner identified a true guarantor, as a person of total trust, that needed to be mindful of all the important facts and small details of everyday life.

Since he couldn’t find what he was looking for, opening an office and providing the service he needed was a good choice. Coming from a family of lawyers and successful self-employed professionals, he understood that his time to become independent has come.

Rapid success came to his new firm. With the experience in corporate law, and the thoughtful understanding of what had to be done, Katzner found a new mission and a strong calling by living in California, raising a family and helping others with their estate planning.

Gabriel Katzner’s estate planning law firm puts families first by providing services in estate planning, asset protection, probate / trust administration and Medi-Cal planning. Katzner brought a unique service and a good reputation for working hard, passionately, and compassionately on behalf of individuals and families who need assistance with their estate planning.

The clients of his firm are young responsible parents, that just like him, live with the commitment and the vision to have a good, heathy, long and happy life. They understand that things can happen and know that it would be better to secure the future of their families, knowing that life will go on and their children will always be taking care.

Katzner feels blessed and is grateful for his life. He lives with his wife and two children. His firm has two offices; in California and New York. He is always open to share is knowledge with others, by giving free consultations, presentations, seminars and creates friendly workshops to educate people and talk them about legal rights, commitments and how to protect property, taxes, trusts and the most important thing, how to preserve the family values.

Katzner is always ready to support and to help others. He is not afraid to ask uncomfortable questions and to open the communication with the hard topics one need to have to have a a proper estate planning and a clear, peaceful mind.

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